Hillary’s Hut Repainting Wins Award


Also known as Hillary’s Hut, the TAE/IGY Hut picks up an international award at the 31st Dulux Colour Awards in Melbourne for its repainting work.

Antarctica repainting image by Mariusz Potocki (via Shutterstock).

Antarctica image by Mariusz Potocki (via Shutterstock).

This year, an Antarctic landmark has picked up the International prize at the 31st Dulux Colour Awards in Melbourne. Hillary’s Hut – officially known as the TAE/IGY Hut on Pram Point, Scott Base, Antarctica – was recognised for its repainting work. Opening in 1957, it was the first solid building to have been erected on Pram Point.

For the repainting work, Hillary’s Hut was repainted in its original colours. This process entailed stripping the building’s outer layers, which revealed the original Berger Paints colours. Then, Dulux matched the Berger colours, creating two new colours for Hillary’s Hut. These are known as:

  • Pram Point: a shade of yellow so-called after its geographical location;
  • Sno-Cat: this is named after the orange tracked vehicle used on the Trans-Atlantic Expedition.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust had the honour of naming the new exterior colours. To give the building an authentic 1950s look, brushes were used instead of rollers. On the repainting scheme, Nigel Watson said: “Returning Hillary’s Hut to its original retro colours not only reflects its history, it makes a visible statement.”

As well as the exterior walls, the hut’s interior was repainted too. They have all been repainted in a range of colours, as directed by the original architectural plans. Almost 600 artefacts have also been preserved.

The Dulux Colour Awards is an Australasian award ceremony which celebrates the best use of their paint products. There’s no prizes for guessing why the repainting of Hillary’s Hut inspired the judges: who would strip paint in below zero temperatures? I doubt as if we will, so we extend our congratulations.

Premium Doors and Furniture, 11 May 2017.

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