How Paint Stripper Affects Your Car

Why paint stripper is also used to spoil motor vehicles

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Thankfully, none of our paint strippers would have this effect on your vehicle, as the solvent base is lower on paint stripping agents for doors and furniture. Image by Charnsitr (via Shutterstock).

In our industry, paint stripper enables us to get to the source of our material. It plays an important part in reversing substandard paint jobs. It enables us to start afresh with a new colour, that is more sympathetic to your home or taste in design.

As with anything else that can be placed in the wrong hands, paint stripper could be lethal stuff. In some cases, an accessory to criminal damage, especially where motor vehicles are concerned. Over the last five years, there has been a steady rise in such attacks.

How does paint stripper affect your vehicles?

In a nutshell, the paintwork of your beautiful motor disappears but it varies on the type of stripper you use. Standard automotive paint stripper may need two drops before the paint starts stripping away. With higher solvency strippers used in industrial settings, they can eat into the bodywork and most containers.

One good thing is the kind of stripper we use isn’t strong enough to wear away at the bonnet or roof of your vehicle. It might take some of the paint off, though it’s replaceable.

Deep seated peeves, jealousy or revenge?

You could say that’s down to jealousy (as noted in this 2013 article in the Hull Daily Mail) or vengeance. Whether a used Ford Fiesta or a Maserati, the paintwork is expensive to replace. It isn’t very good for car insurance premiums.

How to prevent paint stripper perils

If you only have access to kerbside parking or open air parking outside your home or workplace, you are pretty stuffed. If you have access to a lockable garage, make good use of that.

Premium Doors and Stripping, 21 October 2016.

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