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Your first choice for paint stripping wooden window shutters

If you have a set of wooden window shutters, you might appreciate their rustic charm.  You may proud of the choice of coating or the wood staining treatment.  As with most things, they need tender loving care, so they can still look stylish for the next twenty years or more.

paint stripping for window shuttersThis is where Premium Doors and Furniture come to the fore.  Goran and his team have a wealth of experience in furniture and paint stripping.  With these skills, your window shutters will be in good hands and rejuvenated to ‘as new’ condition.

Why choose Premium Doors and Furniture?

  • Reliability: our team will come to your aid in no time at all, on time as always;
  • Competitive: all quotes are competitive and realistically priced;
  • Professional: Premium Doors and Furniture have a professional approach to each task undertaken;
  • Peace of Mind: all our work is fully guaranteed and insured for your peace of mind;
  • Made to measure: ‘one-size-fits-all’ is out of the question; everything we do is centred around your needs.

What We Do?

If you’re looking at having a fresh coat of paint or a staining, we can strip off the old paintwork.  Then we can add a fresh coat of paint or a staining of our choice.  We strip the old paintwork off carefully, a must given that some examples may be as old as your house.  Prices start from £10.00 per panel.

If your window shutters are complemented with wooden window frames, we can offer paint stripping services for that too.  Prices start from £15.00 per window frame.

Get in touch!

Premium Doors and Furniture are based in Sussex, covering the South East of England.  Lately, we have widened our coverage area to include Gloucestershire, Devon, and Oxfordshire, alongside Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.

If you have any further queries, why not call us on 07481 171243, send us an email (via premiumdoorstripping@gmail.com), or fill in our quick contact form.  We’ll be delighted to help you and offer a free no-obligation quote.