Paint Stripping


Using a Liquid, Gel or Paste Based Paint Stripper!!

-The Best Technique

Trying to strip paint from a variety of surfaces can be messy as well as time-consuming. Therefore, I would like to share a technique that could be used to make this task much quicker and neater. There have been so many questions regarding stripping paint from walls, doors and windows. In many cases, the final finished product does not seem enough. For instance, the dirty surface with dust flakes and green stains does not make the end product’s look good. So, In this matter, we need to have its knowledge studied in order to get good results. This above technique will work on many different types of surfaces such as metal, wood, walls etc.

There are several paint stripping options Premium Door Stripping use, especially when it comes to stripping paint depending upon the roughness and toughness of surface. Advice worth mentioning after choosing the option to proceed would be to better to test it on a smaller area to ensure that there would be no permanent damage after having it done.

This technique is known as probably the quickest and easiest way to strip paint. It is extremely useful which can be applied with a brush, which then can be piled into very tight spaces. It is very good when used on a decorative mounding and shapes that are too old and require hard work to have its paint stripped and where scraping would take very long. The gel paint stripper can be used to brush onto the surface to be stripped using a paint brush. When you apply it, you will need to wait for a couple of minutes while the gel penetrates. It will either get softer or lift off. Then, it will be scraped off using a scraper with an old cloth. Once it is scraped off the first coat, then, you might need to repeat the process if it’s imperative.

Its foremost advantage is that it is quick and east to apply. It can get into awkward areas. It is thorough and complete paint removal.

However, its disadvantages are that it is corrosive to skin and can burn it so keep the children away from it. It also produces toxic fumes and it needs cleaning properly before it is applied.

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