In Video: Water Tower Paint Stripping

A selection of water tower paint stripping video clips

Water Tower, Saudi Arabia. Image by Afsal S (via Shutterstock).

Space age: A water tower in Saudi Arabia, beautifully lit and well painted from this angle. Image by Afsal S (via Shutterstock).

How do you strip the paint off a modern-day water tower? In this selection of video clips, we look at how paint stripping techniques are used, to give these structures a new coat of paint.

Prepping Water Tank for Paint

In this clip, we look at the preparation methods in stripping paint off the water tank.

A drone is used to capture the breathtaking view.

A time lapse paint job

For our second clip by Illinois State University, we see how a fresh coat of paint is applied to the tank of a water tower.

This clip is from the town of Normal’s installation, between the Hancock Stadium and University High School.

James and the Giant Peach Water Tower

New York may be noted for being known as The Big Apple, but a tower in Gaffney, South Carolina, is noted for its resemblance to a peach. The clip from the Wall Street Journal’s YouTube channel shows us how the giant peach is being polished.

It’s a wrap, folks…

For this third clip, we look at how a tower is wrapped up, prior to a sandblasting job.

Premium Doors and Furniture, 04 September 2017.

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