Paint Stripping Tools Of The Trade

paint stripping tools

paint stripping tools

Paint stripping is an activity plenty of people dread on undertaking due to the tedious work it involves. The process requires more than time and effort to complete. It requires the right tools. Without the appropriate paint stripping tools for the trade, the job becomes difficult to do. It is important to realise that paint stripping involves more than one tool and the miracle paint stripper manufacturers sell may not help at all. For the best results, we would urge you to consider professional paint stripping services which we specialise in here at Premium Doors.

Here are some paint stripping tools that our experts would recommend using;

  1. Putty knife

A putty knife is a useful tool when it comes to scraping off paint from furniture. The knife is lighter than other devices and does an adequate job old finish on furniture that has been softened. When using this tool ensure the blade does not cause any scars to the wood. When using the blade make sure you coat the putty knife lightly with cooking spray that is nonstick to help it move quite quickly.

Ensure you also remove any burrs on the edges of the putty knife with sandpaper.

  1. Paint shaver

The paint shaver is the fastest and most effective method to use when removing paint. The paint shaver does not leave patches of paint since it works through all the paint ensuring you have a wall, chair, or any item free of paint. Despite its astonishing performance, the paint shaver comes with great responsibilities.

To use this paint removal tool you need to practice using it a lot on scrap pieces. The practice helps you adjust the tool accordingly to get the appropriate depth of cut before you begin working with the device. On a scale of 1 to 10, the paint shaver’s effectiveness ranges at 9. Majority of paint shavers come with vacuums that suck up the stripped paint that you can dispose of later.

  1. Proscraper

If you are looking for paint removal tool that is cost effective and works great, then the Proscraper is that tool. The Proscraper is a hardened scraper made out of plastic, which has a hollow body that connects to your vacuum. The scraper comes with a replaceable blade. The benefit of working with this Proscraper lies in its ability to collect the paint scraps.

It is important to realise that the performance of the tool you choose to remove paint with largely depends on the condition and the type of paint you remove. Also, you would need to ensure protective clothing is worn when removing paint. Why not consider professional paint stripping instead to avoid hassle and stress? Call Premium Doors on 07481 171 243 or email

Paint Stripping Dos & Don’ts

paint stripping

Paint striping involves the process of paint removal from a surface. The removal can be done through various methods which include scraping, electrical removal and chemical removal. Nevertheless, the chemical removal is the most preferred method for its ease of use and effectiveness.

The Dos of Paint Removal

Always buy and use the right stripper that will fit in your job. For every material, there is a suitable stripper that can be used on it. There is also a big distinction between strippers when it comes to pains, stains and other kinds of finishes. Always wear glasses to prevent the paint particles from entering into the eyes. These particles can be harmful and painful if they get into the eyes. Do wear gloves when removing paints. That’s necessary for your health. Some of the paints are harmful in case they get in contact with the stains and removing chemicals. When paint stripping, do it evenly by applying the stripper from the upper part to the downwards. The strippers will smoothly flow and distribute in a better way. If the items to be stripped are movable, do it from the outside as most of the strippers operate well under sun’s heated temperatures. Always remove the paint in without rushing. It is good to read and follow the steps that may come with your purchased stripper. For instance, you are supposed to wait for the chemical remover to soak before you start stripping. It ensures it effectively softens the surface to be removed.

The Don’ts of Paint Removal

Do not hurriedly handle paint stripping; you may find that some parts are not attended while others have an excess of it. That would be wastage. It’s necessary to have a professional do it for you. Do not use stains meant to remove some other finishes to remove pains. Such a practice will lead to poor effectiveness or and wastage since there are strippers made for paint removal specifically. Do not cause damage while stripping the paints.

You have to be careful when removing the colours. For instance, if you are sanding, you have to do it in a manner that doesn’t affect the flatness and originality of the surface. Don’t remove paints with hands or nails. At times, the dry paints may even be hard enough to cause damages. For instance, sharp portions of the removed paints may even cut into your skin. These paints can be dangerous to health, especially if they contain lead chemicals. Do not use materials that may affect the contents being under paint removal. Use of plastic cannot bring much damage. Do not use the strippers indoors. Some are powerful and may cause health hazards to you. It’s better to hire professionals to do it for you; they usually have protective mechanisms such as clothing and helmets.

Best Paint Removal Alternative

Paint stripping involves a simplified process of paint removal. However, the process requires a lot of care to avoid wastage, damage and health hazards. It’s recommendable to hire Premium Door Stripping‘s services to prevent potential problems and worries while you just await the best results.

A List of Industrial Paint Stripping Formulas

Stripping paint

Industrial paint stripping formulas contain a number of ingredients, each offering a specific solution in the stripping process. It is the number of constituent ingredients carried by a stripping formula that gives it the characteristics to remove pain without having to damage the target on which the paint sticks. That’s why when you are out to get a paint stripping formula you have to consider the material on which the paint rests so as to pick the right stripper. Continue reading “A List of Industrial Paint Stripping Formulas”

Benefits of Hiring Expert Paint Stripping Services

Paint stripping services

An old ugly tarnished paint coating is an eyesore that you might want to get rid of and restore the first glory and aesthetic appeal of your home or furniture. Many people rely on their skills to renovate their walls because everybody repaints their homes anyway, right? Apparently, this results in a mediocre polish. It is not just about repainting your wall, but how perfect you want your wall done. With that high look in mind, you do not want to settle for average, and you wish the best. This time is when you hire the experts. It is incredible what professional paint stripping services can for your furniture, doors, fireplaces, cabinets and many other places.

Why hire expert paint stripping services?

First off, they are professionals, and they know best. They will do the paint stripping and painting for you while all you will do is pay and relax. Some of the benefits include;

1. Protecting your walls.

The paint stripping process could be hazardous depending on which remover you use. With several layers of paint to remove, chemicals might be the only alternative. Some of these stripping chemicals may corrode your walls if used in wrong proportions. An expert would easily tell which remover to use on your wall, the safety measures, procedure and portions to use. Better still, there might exist an alternative technology that the expert might know and use, relieving the worries of corrosion.
2. Short time is taken to do the job.

A professional takes a shorter time to do the stripping and painting compared to you. With the expertise and vast experience, the painters have more comfortable and faster ways of carrying out the task. This process would not be the same case with you, as you figure out every single thing and how it is supposed, go through the instruction manuals and much more. It saves time.

3. Great quality result.

With doubtless experience and top quality products used by professionals, your wish for that great look becomes true. They will do a thorough and precise job on your walls.

4. Guarantee warrants.

Some painting services companies offer warranty for both artistry and products used for a particular duration that could go as far as 12 months. This way you can pay for the quality services offered with peace of mind. This warrant is a great deal.

5. Professionals are better equipped.

It would be quite expensive for you to purchase all the necessary equipment for the painting process which you can skip when you hire an expert. In fact, you might not even know all the tools and end up going in rounds, to and from the market or yet do some shoddy work on your wall only because you had no idea what to use in scraping off that disturbing stain on your wall.

Professional help is always the best option.