Price List


Internal Door Stripping (basic paint removal)            £18.00 Per Door

Neutralizing Internal Door                                         £3.00 Per Door

External Door Stripping                                             £60.00 Per Door

Sanding (neutralizing, drying & sanding)                  £25.00 Per Door

Waxing/Oiling                                                            £40.00 Per Door
(neutralizing, drying, sanding, & wax/oil finish)

Window Shutters                                                       £10.00 Per Panel


Small Radiator                                                           £25.00

Medium Radiator                                                       £35.00

Large Radiator                                                          £45.00


Window Frames                                                        £15.00 Per Frame

Fire Place

Fire Places                                                                £45.00

(starting from – depending on size)


Spindle                                                                      £2.00 Per Spindle

Bannister                                                                   £3.00 Per Meter

Architrave                                                                 £2.00 Per Meter


Two-Seater                                                                £40.00

Three-Seater                                                             £50.00

For any extra Service (sanding & wax/oil, please contact Us)


Chair                                                                         £15.00 Per Chair

Collection & Delivery Service                                £25.00

Important Notice:

* Minimum charge for orders of one item is £25.00 and £20.00 collection and delivery service.

* Items that have a water based paint cannot be stripped by dipping they will have to be hand stripped where a different price will apply – please take a look at the price list section.

* Glass panelled doors and items can be dipped but there is a small chance that they may crack due to the nature of the stripping process. However, we do take great care and more time when working with glass items they do turn out absolutely fine.

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