Internal & External Door Stripping

Internal & External Doors/Door Frames

Premium Door Stripping perform their stripping services on internal and external doors, stripping their paints and woods at reasonable prices. Furthermore, you can have a look at doors by navigating to projects.

Fireplace Paint Removal

Fireplace Paint Removal Services

Paint and Wood stripping are also required on fireplaces and fire surrounds. With the passage of time, there comes a time where rust starts appearing on wood and its paint and make its look bad and starts needing its stripping.

Wooden Table & Chairs Paint Stripping

Tables and Chairs

The eminent things in home which with the passage of time starts looking bad with its paint and wood which might require stripping with accuracy. As tables and chairs are sort of beauty items in home. So, always care in doing stripping of it.

Bedroom Furniture Paint Stripping

Beds & Cupboards

Beds and Cupboards are the imperative things in home which reflect the beauty of home. It requires its typo stripping with its paint and wood.

Wooden Window Shutters

Wooden Window Shutters

An intensive stripping is required with respect to its paint and wood so that its look could get more better and awesome.

Wooden Bench Paint Stripping

Benches & Church Pews

Our range of quality paint stripping services includes benches and Church Pew too. With the benches, a degree of care is required in the paint stripping process.

Radiator & Metal Items

Radiators & Metal Items

We at Premium Doors and Furniture can do just that. Our team will turn your radiator to 'as new' condition.

Chest of Drawers, Dressers & Sideboards

Chest of drawers/Dressers/Sideboards

There are a few ways of removing paint from furniture: chemical paint stripper using a hot air gun or sanding. Solvent paint removers take off all kinds of finishes, even contemporary ones.