Wooden Window Shutters Paint Stripping Services

Wooden windows paint stripping service

If you have a set of wooden window shutters, you might appreciate their rustic charm.  You may proud of the choice of coating or the wood staining treatment.  As with most things, they need tender loving care, so they can still look stylish for the next twenty years or more.

This is where Premium Doors and Furniture come to the fore.  Our team have a wealth of experience in furniture and paint stripping.  With these skills, your window shutters will be in good hands and rejuvenated to ‘as new’ condition.

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  • Reliability: our team will come to your aid in no time at all, on time as always;
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we do

If you’re looking at having a fresh coat of paint or a staining, we can strip off the old paintwork. Then we can add a fresh coat of paint or a staining of our choice. We strip the old paintwork off carefully, a must given that some examples may be as old as your house. Prices start from £10.00 per panel.

If your window shutters are complemented with wooden window frames, we can offer paint stripping services for that too. Prices start from £15.00 per window frame.

Wooden Windows Paint Stripping FAQs

How can paint be removed from wooden windows, sashes and shutters?

There are three basic methods to consider. These include mechanical means (such as sanding or scraping), the use of a hot air gun and a chemical stripper.

When might paint strippers represent the best options?

Paint strippers are very useful when dealing with multiple layers of paint or if you the window is extremely ornate. Strippers are able to reach into cracks and crevasses that would be difficult to access with mechanical techniques.

What is the safest way to use a paint stripper?

As many strippers contain caustic chemicals, ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated area in order to avoid breathing in the fumes. When applicable, wear a respirator and a pair of impermeable gloves. Once you have stripped off the paint, wipe the wood down with a damp cloth. This will help to absorb any solvent that may remain.

Can strippers be used to remove stains?

This will partially depend upon the type of stain. Pigments that have penetrated the grain of the wood will be difficult to remove. However, some stains are actually coloured varnishes (a combination of pigments and a sealer). In this case, a varnish remover could provide you with impressive results.

What is the best way to remove stubborn paint from wooden shutters?

Shutters coated with layers of paint can be challenging and multiple sessions can be required to remove all of the paint. If you are dealing with pain found within cracks or corners, there are mechanical tools which can be used in combination to achieve the desired results. It is normally best to wait 24 hours between each stripping session.

As always, please contact Premium Doors and Furniture if you have additional questions.