Door stripping is an excellent solution when you want to redecorate an old door. Getting rid of the existing paint layers will allow you to see any defects that need repair.

A simple dip and strip job will clean up the surface and ready it for refinishing. At Premium Door Stripping, we offer expert paint stripping services in Berkshire for internal and external doors. Our services in Berkshire guarantee that you can find door stripping professionals when you need them.

Berkshire is known for its royal heritage due to the presence of Windsor Castle. Any customer in the area and its environs can hire us for furniture and door stripping.

How it Works

Items to be stripped are dipped in a heated caustic tank and then rinsed with a jet washer. Dehumidifiers are used to dry the surfaces to ensure that they are ready for finishing.

Stripped doors are sanded to smoothen their surfaces. Customers have the choice of picking the finish they prefer for their doors. Between painting, varnishing and polishing, homeowners have a range of finishing options to match their decor requirements.

Our years of stripping doors, furniture and other items give us unique insights on how to serve our customers. Regardless of the type of wood, our professionals will work on it tirelessly for the most satisfactory outcome.

Increases Convenience

With our paint stripping services in Berkshire, you can save money on replacement doors. Rather than buy new internal or external doors, you can strip the existing ones and repaint.

Our stripping experts will have your doors in near-original conditions. You can also get our stripping services for reclaimed doors for that authentic, classic look.

We use high standard products for the stripping and refinishing to ensure that each surface will last a good while. Customers also have more than one paint stripping technique to choose from.

Get a no-obligation quote from the Berkshire door stripping team at Premium.

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