Wooden Furniture Finishing Service

Wooden Furniture Finishing Service

Wood Finishing Service Tailored for You

Once a wooden surface has gone through paint stripping, drying and sanding, the finishing process comes next. Our finishing service completes the restoration process by providing our customers with professional finishing services. The finishing of a wooden surface dictates its overall look. Do you have cupboards that need a fresh paint coat? What about a fire surround that is beginning to rust and requires an upgrade?

Or, is it an antique door that demands paint stripping? The restoration experts at Premium Door Stripping have worked with a variety of wooden surfaces. We understand that every item requires special attention and are ready to give it.

Tailor-made Finishing Solutions

Not every door wooden surface will need varnish or wood staining. We approach various objects according to their finishing needs. If a door needs a white base before the top coat, our experts will apply it. A customer can give the specific requirements, and our finishing service will have something suitable.

If you need an oil or wax finish, you can get it. We aim to deliver a perfectly restored item that doesn’t just meet high aesthetics standards but is durable as well. Talk to our restoration experts to find out what customisation solutions are available.

More Than Just Finishing

When you retain our finishing service, you can expect to get more than just a beautiful coat on your tables and chairs. You can call us for repairs of chipped and scratched surfaces. We do touch ups for numerous cast iron and wooden surfaces. Call us for on-site finishing projects and our experts will deliver professional and timely results. We use quality varnishes, paints and waxes to ensure that surfaces get the best treatments.

Our restoration professionals are well-versed in industry regulations and stick by them when working with individual surfaces. At Premium Doors and Furniture, we prioritise customer satisfaction and, therefore, work with you to get exact specifications for a finishing project.