Fireplace Paint Removal Services

Fireplace paint removal service

Premium Doors and Furniture provide professional fireplace paint removal services to fully restore them to their original condition. We are passionate about restoring your doors and furniture to their former glory. With fireplaces and fire surrounds, this is no exception. Over the ravages of time, rust may appear on your cast iron fireplaces, making for a shabby appearance.

For fire surrounds, we at Premium Doors and Furniture use the following techniques:

Chemical Stripping

For us chemical stripping is the most effective way of removing finishes. It is preferable to sanding the surface alone.

Caustic Stripping

Where thick paint is present, we favour caustic stripping. It is non-toxic and gives off less fumes than solvent-based paint stripping solutions.

Solvent Stripping

Of all the furniture stripping methods, this is our preferred one for restoring antiques. It is gentle on the wood.

To restore cast iron fireplaces to their former glory, our tools of the trade include the following:

Wire Wool

for scrubbing away any rust.

Stripping Knife

for removing dissolved paintwork.

White Spirit

to remove any remaining paint residue.

Black Grate Polish

to regain its ‘as new’ condition.

We at Premium Doors and Furniture (if you pardon the pun) don’t do hearth hearted. With our passion for fireplace and fire surrounds paint removal services and restoration, we help to make your home look good. You can be sure of a job that is expertly done with care and attention to detail.
For further details regarding our fireplace paint removal services, why not fill in our quick reply form at the bottom? Alternatively, you may prefer to send us an email (via or call us on 07481 171243. Whatever way you choose, our paint stripping team will get back to you as soon as possible.