Fireplace Paint Removal FAQs

Fireplace Paint Removal FAQs

Premium Doors and Furniture is pleased to provide a number of services in order to restore your fireplace to its former glory. Still, it is likely that you have a handful of questions in terms of paint removal. Let us address some of the most common immediately below.

Fireplace paint stripping

How Long Will it Take to Remove Multiple Layers of Paint?

This will depend upon the number of layers, the type of paint and the bonds between different materials. This is also the reason why caustic stripping methods are frequently used; they can address multiple layers.

Is Solvent Stripping Dangerous?

While our solvents are relatively safe, it is still important to ensure that the area is properly ventilated. Wearing goggles and a pair of gloves is also advisable. These will protect you from any accidental splashes during the removal process.

What Precautions Should I Take When Removing Lead Paint?

It is important to avoid making dust, as small lead particles can be inhaled. Once again, be sure to wear gloves and a suitable respirator (such as an N95 mask) if you suspect that lead may be present.

Can I Manually Scrape Away Paint on the Surface of a Fireplace?

While manual scraping is sometimes possible, remember that this can cause you to inadvertently damage the underlying surface. It is normally much better to employ chemical techniques such as solvents and caustic stripping.

Please keep in mind that the questions outlined above offer a basic overview of what you need to know when removing paint from a fireplace. If the unit is very old or should you be afraid of causing accidental damage, make it a point to speak with one of our team members. We are always happy to provide additional tips and tricks when required. Call us on freephone: 0800 688 9711 or email with any enquiries.