Beds & Cupboards

Beds & Cupboards

Restoring your bedroom furniture and cupboards to their former glory

The bedroom should be at the heart of your home.  It is a reflection of your home, and the state of your bedroom affects the way you get to sleep or wake up.  The right kind of wooden furniture adds character to the most important room of your house.

If you have a dressing table, a wardrobe, or a bedside table you would like to treasure, we at Premium Doors and Furniture can give them some extra TLC.  The paint on your dressing table could be incongruous; your bedside table may be scratched; or your wardrobe could be scuffed.

We can get them back to their former glory, to ‘as new’ condition.  These include stripping (for example) the pink and yellow spots off your wardrobe to unveil teak or oak wood.  Plus we could add a natural stain to show the grains off.

Your bed frame – restored

In your bedroom, Premium Doors and Furniture could add a new lease of life to your bed.  If you have a wooden bed frame, we can give your hardwood frame some added sheen.  Where necessary, modifications could be made for your mattresses: for example, subtle changes to their length.

Our restoration work will see fewer scratches on your bedsteads.  Any extraneous paint or stickers will be stripped with ease.


Cupboards – not just bedrooms

Whether in the bedroom, kitchen or workshop, the importance of efficient storage makes for a tidy house.  It means taking less time to find anything from a cummerbund for your best suit to a staple gun.  As with anything in your home, a set of cupboards in tip top condition are a good reflection.

Premium Doors and Furniture can turn their hand to anything from pantry cupboards to sideboards, and entertainment units.  We can rid your cupboard of extraneous paint, odd stains, and scratches, to get it looking like new again.

Beds and Cupboards Paint Stripping FAQs

How can paint be effectively removed from beds and cupboards?

There are three common ways to remove paint from wooden surfaces. Heat guns, manual (or electric) sanding and chemical strippers are the most popular options.

Are there any dangers when dealing with antique beds or cupboards?

Old beds or cupboards may contain lead paint (lead was outlawed in 1992). Sanding lead paint can release particles into the air and present a hazard to your health. If you suspect that lead is present, it is best to contact a professional paint stripping service.

When might a heat gun be useful?

Heat guns are often used when dealing with multiple layers of paint. As each layer is heated to the melting point, it can be easily removed with a manual scraper. However, keep in mind that this process can take a significant amount of time (depending upon the number of layers that are present).

What if the furniture has extremely ornate details?

It is best to use a heat gun or a chemical stripping product when dealing with extremely ornate details or complicated angles, as mechanical methods could damage the underlying wood. Chemical stripping agents are likewise capable of accessing fine cracks or carvings; helping you to effectively remove any paint or varnish.

What if I find that multiple layers of paint are present?

Strippers containing powerful agents such as benzyl alcohol are capable of removing multiple layers of paint with a single application. Multiple sessions could still be required if you are dealing with extremely old beds or cupboards.

Do you have additional questions or would you like to consult with a professional? If so, please take a moment to contact us directly. We will be more than happy to provide additional assistance.