Furniture Paint Stripping

Furniture paint stripping

Could your table and chairs do with some furniture paint stripping services? Being experts at furniture paint removal, we can help get any wooden furniture stripped back to its original state. Whether you are seeking a caustic-dip stripping service or chemical-gel stripping service, we can help! From pine furniture to Hardwood table tops and cabinets, no job is too big too small for our furniture experts.

Seeing as our tables and chairs are quite prominent in our homes, they should be proudly displayed in their original state of beauty, to help make the home look more cosier and looked after. Here, at Premium Doors and Furniture, we have carried out our furniture paint stripping services for all types of doors and chairs. From mahogany, oak and other hard woods, we can help with all stages of the process, including the dipping, stripping and finishes by hand.

Our wood stripping service acts as a way of helping the environment through the conservation of woodland areas. By restoring wooden tables and chairs, as opposed to buying new furniture, it acts as an important method for preserving the British Heritage.

If your tables, chairs and other wood furniture is tired-looking and in need of reviving, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Over the years, we have built up a reputation of being experts at what we do with a professional, friendly service all round. You can check out some testimonials featured on our website from some of our many happy customers.

We take a great deal of pride in our wood stripping service and cover a wide range of areas including Bristol, BathSouthampton and Bournemouth. We operate throughout many counties including SomersetDevonWiltshireOxfordshireGloucestershireWorcestershire and Herefordshire. To find out more how we can help with your furniture restoration, call us now on 07481 171 243 or send us an email enquiry to We will be more than happy to discuss your furniture stripping requirements.

Premium Door Stripping offer a quality paint stripping service for all doors and furniture including radiators, window shutters, bed & cupboards, door frames and benches. Having many years experience in the industry we pride ourselves on professional customer service. We will assess the requirements and the object and break down the costs for a competitive quote. We keep our customers in the loop at all stages of the furniture stripping process. We have been stripping paint from a wide variety of furniture for many years and there is no job too big or small for our team.

If you are looking for quality paint stripping services and are based in the south west of England, get in touch with us today on 07481 171 243 or alternatively you can email us at and a member of our team will be on hand to assist.

It is Better to Sand Furniture or to Use Stripping Solutions?

This will depend upon a handful of variables such as how many layers of paint are present as well as whether or not certain areas cannot be reached with manual sanding. If you are dealing with stubborn paint or challenging surfaces, a stripping agent is the best solution.

Will the Stripping Chemicals Damage the Underlying Materials?

Certain chemicals can cause damage to wood and metal. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and to only utilise solutions which are approved for the type of underlying material. When in doubt, it is wise to speak with a professional.

Should I Take Any Preliminary Precautions?

Whether sanding or using a chemical stripper, be sure that there is plenty of ventilation. Experts recommend wearing the proper protective equipment (such as gloves, goggles and a respirator) in order to avoid any unnecessary risks.

How Can I Clean the Furniture After the Project is Complete?

Once the furniture has been stripped, use a damp cotton cloth soaked in warm water in order to remove any remaining debris. A small bit of detergent may be added, but this should again be washed away; it may otherwise damage the surface.

Some styles of furniture are more difficult to strip than others; especially if numerous layers of paint are present or if the piece in question is very old. This is when our professionals can be of assistance when needed.

The Benefits of Stripping Furniture

Wooden furniture is the most preferred type of interior design because it offers beauty, charm, durability and comfort. Wooden furniture can be seen in many homes where they complement a home’s colour scheme and theme.

One reason people prefer wooden furnishings are for their grandeur as well as endurance- especially if there are exquisite pieces that have been passed down through generations!

However, one downside to owning this kind of piece is its susceptibility to wear & tear due to natural elements such as weather or time.

Many homeowners have to consider the cost of restoring or refurbishing their wooden furniture especially if it has been lost its lustre and shine. This process can be expensive, time-consuming as well as laborious so sometimes people choose to replace their older pieces with more modern ones -but why not strip off your old wood finish for an easier solution?

Preserves your treasured pieces

It is no secret that old wooden furniture not only has sentimental or monetary value but its workmanship and quality of wood used are also to be highly desired.

It is not uncommon to pass these treasured pieces down generations which means it’s important for us as the new generation in charge of preserving them from wear and tear by maintaining them well through stripping, refinishing with oil paint (to preserve our memories), and then varnishing.

By doing so we will ensure they retain their character while being able to keep a variety of different types around without worrying about degradation!

Enables you to customise

Customising your furniture is the way to go if you want a personal touch in any space. With accomplished stripping and re-staining, even old pieces can be made new again without compromising their original beauty or quality.

Investing in professional paint stripping services will ensure that all of this hard work pays off by preserving its craftsmanship as well as keeping it looking great for years!

Means of saving money

Your old furniture may seem worn and unappealing, but you can change all that in just a few hours with the help of professional stripping and refinishing company.

Instead of buying new furniture for your home or office space, invest instead of getting it stripped toits natural wood form before giving it an updated look with fresh paint; this will save you money as well as time when shopping around for pieces perfect fit into your décor scheme.