Reasons Why You Need Paint Stripping Services

Strip paint

Paint stripping may seem like a costly and long-winded process, so you may be wondering why stripping would ever be necessary. But the fact is that whether you’re a homeowner casually redecorating, or someone who paints for a living, there will always come a time when you want to make use of paint stripping.

Here are a few reasons why you might need paint stripping services.

Paint Doesn’t Last Forever

You can’t can expect paint to last forever. Most paints are made with a particular lifespan in mind, which is often around ten years. After this period is up, the paint will begin to degrade and flake off, which will look very unsightly.

In order to prevent your paintwork from degenerating into an ugly state, you need to get your walls, doors, fence panels and other household surfaces stripped and repainted in good time. Keep a record of when and how often you repaint the surfaces in your house, and try to stick to a regular schedule.

Making Your House Your Home

Everyone wants their property to reflect their own personal aesthetic style and tastes. Rather than letting the previous owners or renovators decide the style of your home for you, make it your own with a fresh lick of paint.

Often the only way to do a quality, long lasting fresh paint job is to start by stripping everything away. Starting from nothing will help ensure that you have a paint job which is both well done and fitting to your unique tastes.

When you start to think about it, you will realise how much of the paint in your home needs retouching. Stripping is not just useful for walls; doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, bookshelves, fences, fireplaces, beds, and all manner of other household items will have painted surfaces whose style you will want to optimise.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Before 1979, household paints often included a large amount of lead. Lead is a poisonous metal that can be inhaled from the air; once inside the body it causes irreversible brain damage. Lead poisoning can result is serious damage to every system in the human body.

Use a lead testing kit to check whether the paint on your property is safe. If you do find some lead based paintwork, you will need to strip it all away and do a completely fresh job with safer, modern paints.

Blemishes and Blisters

The look and feel of paintwork changes over time. As the temperature rises and falls over the year, paint will expand and contract. Newer paints are designed to be more elastic than older ones, and so will expand and contact a larger amount.

If you apply newer paint over or next to an older paint job, the pressure applied by the extra shrinking and stretching of the new paint can cause the old paint to form blisters. It is better to strip away the old paint, and apply an entirely new job.

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