Why Paint Stripping Is A Job For the Professionals


Paint strippers are made with chemicals that help to loosen paint to allow easy removal from surfaces. Most of the chemicals used in these removers are harmful when not used properly and could irritate the skin, cause drowsiness, lead to loss of coordination, cause reproductive problems, damage the liver or brain, or cause headaches. That’s why doing the work comes with a high risk as you are exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Hazards related to paint stripping

Respiratory system damage

  • Solvents are able to irritate sensitive membranes in your nose and throat, and the effect of such irritation could come in varying degrees. Stripping solvents that are concentrated are supposed to be handled by professionals who understand how to use them and follow the right protection measures. Some chemicals used in stripping solvents can damage lung tissue.

Skin diseases

  • Another problem you might experience while using stripping solvents is skin diseases. The chemicals basically dissolve the natural protection of the skin and expose it to many diseases. The skin should not come in direct contact with the solvents because this can damage the protective oil layers that shield you from contacting skin diseases. Professionals understand all the risks associated with paint stripping and will carry protective gear and be careful through the entire process.

Fire hazards

  • Fire is another problem you will have to watch out when using paint stripping solvents. Many of the solvents can be classified under extremely flammable liquids and will catch fire easily when exposed to heat. Even a spark could cause fire during the cold weather, so while using the solvents, you need to use professional procedures that ensure you don’t expose yourself to the danger of fire. There are solvents that are less flammable that you can use, but many people cannot distinguish between the different categories.

Damage to the nervous system

  • Long exposure to solvents could lead to intoxication or narcosis, and this could result from the depression of your central nervous system. Chronic exposure to the solvents might cause permanent brain damage, which could lead to loss of memory, seizures, lower intellectual abilities, and behavioural changes.

If you have to use these paint removal solvents, make sure to seek the assistance of a professional who understands the risks. It would make more sense to hire the professional to take care of everything as this assures you nothing will go wrong and you are protected against exposure to harmful chemicals. To find out how Premium Door Stripping can help you with your paint stripping project, please call 07481 171 243 or email premiumdoorstripping@gmail.com for a quick response.

Paint Stripping Mishaps

Why You Should Leave Paint Stripping To Professionals…

paint stripping

You might be a person who loves change and innovation every single day. This is mostly seen in your desire to change paintings of doors, handles or anything painted, every now and then. It is therefore obvious that you have constantly been met with the task of removing paint. If this is you, here are some of the reasons why you should not remove paint on your own but call the experts to do it;

Health Issues

One method of removing paint is by use of chemicals. Many of these chemicals pose health hazards if not used with care. Some of the hazards include;

  • Skin Diseases
  • Respiratory Infections Due To Inhalation of Toxic Fumes
  • Damage to the Brain and Nervous System
  • Damage to Internal Body Parts

Therefore, keep in mind thaat such tasks should be left to the experts who know how to handle the chemicals properly.

Lack of Proper Equipment

Paint stripping is a serious task that requires proper attires and equipment when handling the material to be stripped. Here are some of the tools required and their specifications;

  • Eye Protection – Only googles approved by the necessary bodies should be worn.
  • Hand Protection-here you are only supposed to Neoprene latex gloves since they do not dissolve in most solvents used.

Getting the right tool can be quite difficult therefore it is advisable that you involve the services of experts who have the required and approved gears.

Fake Stripping Chemicals

There are numerous products on the market relating to paint removal. What you do not know is many of these products are fake. This then makes it difficult for you to chose the right stripping products. This is where professionals come in. Experts in this field have the experience and knowledge in choosing the right chemical.

Technicality Of Some Instructions

Since you have not indulged in the world of removing paints deep enough some instructions may be too technical for you to understand. Furthermore, some instructions require two or more people to work hand in hand for complete success. That is why you should call experts and let them handle the job.

What To Do?

As earlier explained, there are health hazards involved when using stripping chemicals. Sometimes people lack the necessary education on the chemicals and equipment to use and therefore fail to do the task. Therefore, it is evident that expert help is necessary. In simple terms, when you need paint removal services just get in touch with our team of experts near you.