A Guide on How To Sand Louvred Doors

Does your home contain one or more louvre doors? If so, you might wish to change their appearance on occasion through a coat of paint or semi-transparent stain.A Guide on How To Sand Louvred Doors

This will often require a bit of sanding to avoid any issues during the application process.

However, the main issue is that these doors contain dozens of slats which can be tricky to address.

Let’s take a look at how to sand such doors with a minimal amount of time and effort.

Addressing the Louvres Themselves

You should first remove any hardware such as handles and locks, as these might become scuffed during the sanding process. Begin by sanding each slat in a horizontal motion; being careful to get into the crevasses on either side.

Work from the top down to ensure that all louvres are addressed. If you find it difficult to access a specific spot, there are many paint stripping tools specifically designed to reach tight angles.

Finally, run your hand over each louvre to determine if any wood burrs are present.

Sanding Larger Surfaces and the Circumference

You can then begin sanding the larger flat panels of the door. Avoid using a motorised circular sander, as this could inadvertently damage the grain.

Pay particular attention to the joints between each panel in order to ensure a smooth finish.

The last step involves sanding the exterior edges of the door. Assuming that every surface has been addressed, use a damp rag or a small vacuum to suck up any sawdust that remains.

In the event that the sanding was intended to remove paint or stain, the steps above may need to be repeated more than once.

Extremely stubborn areas might also benefit from the use of a paint stripper or a varnish remover. Of course, be sure that the agents in question will not harm the underlying wood and always read the instructions.

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