The Best Paint Stripping Tools On The Market

paint stripping toolsIf you are stripping paint on a house, you need to look for the best tools to make your job easier. Some work better compared to others, and their performance usually depends on the condition and type of paint you’re removing. Here are some of the best paint stripping tools on the market:

Tacklife Electric Paint Stripper Gun

This tool is among the most versatile paint stripper guns you will find in the market. It offers numerous ways of getting your job done. It is great at the basics; it heats up to full temperature within 60 seconds and has a great airflow throughout. Also, it comes with three heat settings for coping with the toughest paints as well as the most delicate surfaces, plus a dedicated cooling mode. It offers 4 nozzle attachments, which includes an extension tube that makes it suited to most of the tasks such as paint stripping and softening caulk.

DeWalt 240 Volts Twin Settings Electric Paint Stripper

Generally, DeWalt are regarded as the crown princes when it comes to power tools. Hence, it stands to reason they would know how to create a great heat gun. Although it cannot be beaten when it comes to performance (it can melt anything), it takes the top position for its design as well. It is compact and light to avoid putting lots of pressure on your wrists over long stretches, and still made to last through many full-on jobs, and users love how it saw off jobs that are tough.


Typically, infrared paint removal might sound like something complex to the average homeowner, but in actual sense, it isn’t. In fact, the Speedheater is not slowed down by numerous layers of paint. You can even use it to strip thirteen layers of paint from an old window in just a single pass. The infrared heat makes the paint to lose the bond it has with the wood very fast.

Since it capable of keeping the temperatures in the 204.444°C range, it helps to prevent fires plus the vapourisation of lead paint, which usually occurs at 593.33 °C): both of which may occur when you are using heat guns. You will need a good scraper for taking the paint off after your Speedheater heats it up. It is simple to use and does not take much effort to learn.

Festool Rotex 150

It has a 6-inch head and can operate in full rotary mode or random-orbit mode for lesser aggressive sanding. Also, the dust collection on this tool is effective. The Festool Rotex 150 is very powerful that you can use it in refinishing small areas of your hardwood floors.

However, it’s downside is that just like most sanders, the ROTEX 150 bogs down whenever it encounters heavy paint build-ups. The fact that it is a paint removal tool as well a great sander makes the tool worth it. You are essentially getting 2 tools in one when you have the Festool Rotex 150.

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