Eco-Friendly Paints to Consider For Your Wooden Furniture

Painting your existing furniture can be an excellent way to provide a bit of visual style and to emphasise its unique personality. However, one of the main issues with any painting project involves potential environmental concerns.

Many formulations contain specific chemicals that can cause a considerable amount of damage if they are exposed to the water supply or even when left to air dry.

This is when the benefits of eco-friendly substitutes may be worth a closer look.

Let’s examine the principle behind ecologically friendly paints before taking a look at some top brands.

What are Eco-Friendly Paints?

Also known as natural paints, these formulations are associated with extremely low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels. Volatile organic compounds are substances that will break down within a relatively short period of time; releasing potentially hazardous substances into the environment. This is why some paints have an extremely pungent odour.

Eco-friendly variants contain little to no VOCs. Not only are thy safer to work with from a health perspective, but some such as milk-based varieties have little to no smell when being applied.

This is great if you happen to be working indoors. The professionals at Premium Door Stripping will often utilise ecologically friendly stripping agents due to the simple fact that they will not adversely impact the environment. So, what are some of the options at your disposal?

A Quick Look at Some Top Brands

There are a host of options at your disposal and naturally, the exact type of paint will be based upon the intended style of the furniture.

However, a handful of brands provide some interesting alternatives. These include:

  • Auro
  • Biofa
  • earthBorn
  • Ecos
  • Algaia

Some of these firms will offer low-VOC paint formulations while others have done away with volatile organic compounds entirely. The best way to learn more is to navigate to the official website in question and to take a look at their product lists. Not only are eco-friendly paints easy to work with, but they can spruce up a piece of furniture in no time at all.

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