How To Prevent Sun Damage To Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

wood-damage-sun-minOutdoor furniture for your backyard or patio is a great addition that looks elegant and is long-lasting. However, wood can be damaged by harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you should take care and prepare your furniture for weather conditions such as a lot of sunshine.

Fading and discoloration of materials such as wood are the downsides of the sunlight that we always yearn for. There are three sources of this damage in the light spectrum: visible light, UVA and UVB radiation, and heat radiation. People think that glass can block the damaging sunlight, but in the real sense, a clear glass window allows up to 70% of UV rays. Even the most expensive energy efficient windows only lessen this by about 10%.

If you want to protect your elegant furniture from the damages of the sun, it is vital to find means of keeping the UV rays at bay. How can you do this? Here is a comprehensive guide with top tips that will help to protect your wooden furniture from sun damage:

SeekĀ Paint Stripping Service

Stripping involves getting rid of the old layers of varnish or paint. Two stripping procedures can be done outside. One is physical, and the other is chemical. Scraping can work on flat surfaces, but it requires a lot of effort and can deface such surfaces. Chemical products offer the easiest method of paint stripping. They are also the most effective method of stripping off old coats of paint and from any surface without destruction. Striping the old vulnerable coats can help in restoring new paint that can last longer without being damaged by the sun.

Use Varnish

Another method of protecting your wooden furniture is applying varnish. You can visit your local home store and choose the best vanish for your furniture. There are many options, and you should be sure to purchase an outdoor variety that is best for you case. Just like water sealers, this will help to maintain the look of your furniture, but will not protect it as much as paint. With varnish, always reapply a coat every few years to keep its strength.

Consider Placement

Where you place your furniture on your patio affects how much it can be damaged by the sun. If you have your wooden furniture on the edges of your patio, the sun will have easier access to it. During a particularly sunny and hot day, pull your outer-edge furniture to the centre of the patio to ensure they stay away from the harsh sun rays.

Use an umbrella

Most fabrics will eventually break down if you leave them in the sun for long enough, but there are special fabrics that are intended to resist the damage of UV rays. Fabric umbrellas do more than keeping you cool; they also keep the sun off your outdoor wooden furniture. If you have a simple table and chair set, make sure you use an umbrella for shade. Always remember to take it down when it gets windy so that it does not blow away.

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