How To Remove Old Paint From a Wall Easily?

How To Remove Old Paint From a Wall Easily_Whether you are planning a home upgrade or you are dealing with a large commercial project, there are certain times when you might be required to remove the existing paint from one or more walls.

While some believe this to represent a labour-intensive project, the fact of the matter is that appreciating the steps taken by professionals will enable you to maximise your efforts.

Let us, therefore, examine some expert recommendations in order to provide a bit more clarity.

Choosing the Right Paint Stripper

The best way to remove paint without damaging the underlying wall is to employ the best paint stripper for the task at hand. Strippers generally fall into two categories:

  • Solvents and mineral spirits
  • Caustic mixtures

In the majority of cases, solvents will do the trick without causing the wall itself any damage.

However, you might need to utilise caustic paint strippers when dealing with multiple layers of paint (these can be more stubborn to address with solvents alone).

Be sure to read the user instructions as well as the indications of each category in order to understand which is the most logical option.

Dealing with Wooden Elements

There are times when you might also be required to remove paint from wooden elements associated with the wall (such as crown and chair mouldings).

In these instances, appreciating the different types of wood and their qualities is important. Harder woods such as oak and walnut tend to stand up to mechanical scraping actions.

However, soft materials including pine and cypress should be handled with care.

What Tools Will You Need?

A standard six-inch putty knife or paint scraper will be necessary along with a handful of rags to soak up any excess stripping fluid.

Drop cloths could also be a good idea in order to protect floors and nearby furniture.

If you happen to be dealing with a very large area or when working at heights, it is always wise to speak with the team at Premium Door Stripping.

We provide a variety of reliable services and we are capable of handling even the most daunting of tasks.

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