How to Remove Paint from Wood

How to Remove Paint From WoodYou may be considering the idea of redoing your wooden floor, or you may be suspecting that something extraordinary is hidden under the thick layers of your paint on your old wooden door. You are thinking about how you can go past the thick layers of paint and reveal the beautiful wood beneath. Well, there are several ways of removing paint from wood that you can try out.

However, before you get started, make sure that the wooden object you want to deal with is dry. If it is wet, dry it up with a piece of cloth or hair dryer. Remember to put on gloves all the time to avoid blisters. Below are the two effective methods of removing paint from wood.

Method 1: An Electric Hot Air Gun

In this process, you will need a heat gun. For safety purposes, make sure that you are wearing gloves, a face mask, and goggles. You should also be having a bucket of water nearby to prevent fire accidents.

Start by positioning the heat gun about 8 inches above the painted wooden surface and then switch it on. Warm the small areas of the wood by slowly moving the heat gun over the surface. Pass the gun over the surface of the wood. Continue passing it over from side-to-side and up-and-down.

You will notice that the old paint becomes tender and it is easy to scrap it off. You should do the scraping with a broad paint scraper.Once you are done with the larger sections, turn to the smaller areas until you clear the whole surface.

While working with the handgun, small flames may come up. There is no need to worry. However, if significant fire starts, be sure to turn off the gun and put it off with water. Make sure that you remove anything that is flammable. Ensure that you do not light up areas that may increase fire. After you are done scraping the sand, make the surface smooth with sandpaper and your own choice of grain.

Method 2: The Sanding Method

The sanding method is the best for small projects that do not involve massive surfaces. In sanding, you make use of sandpaper alone to scrape off the paint from the wooden surface. However, you need to be extra cautious when using this method since the sandpaper, and the wire wool can easily damage your wooden surface.

Consider sanding using power tools since they help in applying the pressure evenly on the surface. Experts recommend that you take the sanding process easy and slow until the time you start having a feel of the surface. If you discover that the floor is hard during the sanding process, you should consider applying some water, vinegar, or spirit. You should sand the surface in a straight position and do it calmly.

With this tips, you will be able to comfortably remove paint from wood. In fact, these methods will not destroy any of your woods.

Remove Paint From Wood

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