How to Strip Paint from Garage Door

Are you hoping to restore the natural appearance of a garage door? You might instead wish to apply a few coats of stain once the overlying paint has been removed.How to Strip Paint from Garage Door

This is why knowing how to properly strip paint from the surface is always important. Let us take a look at some professional recommendations so that you can save time, effort and money along the way.

Initial Preparation For Removing Paint From A Garage Door

It is first important to wash away any loose dirt or debris that may be present with a hose or a power washer on low settings. Not only will you be dealing with a relatively clean surface, but the mechanical action of the water can help to further loosen any paint that may already be chipping. Allow at least 24 hours for the garage doors to dry before continuing.

Dealing with Loose Paint

Loose paint can normally be removed with the use of a putty knife or similar scraping tool.

Although the metal paint stripping process is rather straightforward, you will need to be more careful when dealing with wood (you might otherwise mistakenly cause a gouge).

Be sure to remove any stubborn paint from corners and crevasses, as this is where it can persist for years at a time.

Addressing More Challenging Spots

There may be some extremely stubborn locations. In this case, additional mechanical options such as the use of a rotary sander may provide adequate results.

You could also consider the use of a paint stripper (depending upon the formulation).

This will normally address the majority of paint that remains. Once all of the paint has been removed, wash the door down to address any dust or debris that may still remain.

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