How to Strip Paint From Plaster Walls

Painting plaster walls is a common way of adding colour and creativity to their designs.How to Strip Paint From Plaster Walls

There are plenty of ways to decorate a plaster wall, ranging from wallpapers to painting afresh to change the colour or renovate.

However, you must clean the plaster walls before you can refurbish or repaint them.

Like furniture stripping, removing old paint from your plaster walls is necessary to ensure the best results from repainting and other decorating work.

Stripping paint from a plaster wall can be relatively challenging as it has a porous surface. However, the process can be easier if you find the right method.

Methods of Stripping Paint from a Plaster Wall

Here are some of the methods of stripping paint from a plaster wall;

  • Paint Stripping Using Chemicals – Chemical stripping, often used with the experts at Premium Door Stripping, is one of the best methods of stripping paint from a plaster wall if the paint has not chipped or loosened on its own.

    You should be careful when applying these chemical strippers as they contain strong chemicals that may damage the surface if improperly used.

    Use a paintbrush to apply the stripper directly onto the surface and let it sit for as long as the manufacturer has instructed. The stripper will loosen the paint, making it easier to scrape using a putty knife or sandpaper.

  • Scraping – Scraping is the cheapest and easiest way to strip paint from a plaster wall. If the paint has loosened or started peeling off, you can use a scraper blade or a putty knife to remove the pieces.

    You can use sandpaper fitted with a rotary tool to strip the paint from small and unreachable surfaces. You should be careful when scraping to avoid gouging the wall.

    Additionally, you need to clean up the area once you are done stripping paint. To make cleaning easier, you can lay down a piece of material under your working spaces.

Provided you find the best method, stripping paint from a plaster wall should not be challenging.

The above methods will make it easier to strip paint whenever you need to repaint a plaster wall.

If you used a chemical stripper, ensure you use a neutralizer afterwards to prevent the chemicals from seeping and staining the wall.

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