Benefits of Professional Paint Stripping Services

Professional Home Paint Stripping

Introduction to professional paint stripping.

What are the benefits of professional paint stripping services rather than stripping the paint yourself?

There are different methods and substances which work best for different surfaces, and a professional paint stripper will know these, and will use the best technique or material for the job. Some doors are special, and need special care when stripping and repainting. Hardwood doors may be done using a caustic stripper, while solvent stripper may be used on other types of doors. A professional paint stripper will be able to advise and ensure that you get the right solution for your doors.

Premium Doors tend to follow a process of dipping the doors in a tank of caustic and pressure washing them, optionally neutralising them, drying and then sanding them, before offering an oiling or waxing service and any repairs to complete the process. This can be done in a day, with collection and delivery, making restoring your doors rapid and stress-free.


Safety is an important consideration. Using chemicals for paint stripping can be hazardous to you if you do the job yourself, and chemicals can stain carpets, floors, furniture or anything surrounding the paint stripping area, but done professionally, there isn’t that risk. With lead-based paint, there is extra safety risk. A professional such as those at Premium Door Stripping will do the job quickly and cleanly, and take away any worries about safety as they are experts on the subject.

If the job is done for you by professional paint stripping services, it saves your time for other projects and eliminates mess. It can prevent stress, inconvenience and prolonged disruptions to your routine that blocked doorways, mess and chemicals can cause, and it means that the job is done fast, with minimal disruption to your other work.

The quality of the finished product.

Having the paint stripped professionally leaves a smooth clean finish, with none of those horrible patches or chisel marks that a DIY job may produce, especially on surfaces with layers of paint. This means that the surface or door is ready to repaint, and once repainted or coated, will not show any reminders of the previous paint or coating, nor any paint stripper or chisel marks. It is ideal for high quality doors.

In summary.

The advantage of using professional paint stripping services for your doors is the expertise, planning, safety and speed in doing the work and a perfect finish, plus expert advice on after-care.

Paint Stripping Mishaps

Why You Should Leave Paint Stripping To Professionals…

paint stripping

You might be a person who loves change and innovation every single day. This is mostly seen in your desire to change paintings of doors, handles or anything painted, every now and then. It is therefore obvious that you have constantly been met with the task of removing paint. If this is you, here are some of the reasons why you should not remove paint on your own but call the experts to do it;

Health Issues

One method of removing paint is by use of chemicals. Many of these chemicals pose health hazards if not used with care. Some of the hazards include;

  • Skin Diseases
  • Respiratory Infections Due To Inhalation of Toxic Fumes
  • Damage to the Brain and Nervous System
  • Damage to Internal Body Parts

Therefore, keep in mind thaat such tasks should be left to the experts who know how to handle the chemicals properly.

Lack of Proper Equipment

Paint stripping is a serious task that requires proper attires and equipment when handling the material to be stripped. Here are some of the tools required and their specifications;

  • Eye Protection – Only googles approved by the necessary bodies should be worn.
  • Hand Protection-here you are only supposed to Neoprene latex gloves since they do not dissolve in most solvents used.

Getting the right tool can be quite difficult therefore it is advisable that you involve the services of experts who have the required and approved gears.

Fake Stripping Chemicals

There are numerous products on the market relating to paint removal. What you do not know is many of these products are fake. This then makes it difficult for you to chose the right stripping products. This is where professionals come in. Experts in this field have the experience and knowledge in choosing the right chemical.

Technicality Of Some Instructions

Since you have not indulged in the world of removing paints deep enough some instructions may be too technical for you to understand. Furthermore, some instructions require two or more people to work hand in hand for complete success. That is why you should call experts and let them handle the job.

What To Do?

As earlier explained, there are health hazards involved when using stripping chemicals. Sometimes people lack the necessary education on the chemicals and equipment to use and therefore fail to do the task. Therefore, it is evident that expert help is necessary. In simple terms, when you need paint removal services just get in touch with our team of experts near you.

Dangerous Chemicals in Paint Removers


Paint removers are effective for stripping coats from your furniture, doors, and cabinets. The only problem is that a majority of paint removers are not safe. As a user, you should buy a stripping agent that is free of inherent toxic compounds. One very dangerous toxic compound found in most stripping chemicals is methylene chloride. The chemical is known to cause fatal effects to your body if inhaled or accidentally ingested. For this reason, you should be cautious when approaching the options.

If you don’t know what to go for and who to consult, you should consider paint stripping services. One reliable market supplier and a leading provider of paint removal and paint stripping services in the UK is Premium Door Stripping. We specialise in removing paints from doors, fireplaces, cupboards, radiators and benches or wooden window shutters. We have the expertise in the paint stripping business and can offer you the direction that you need to get the stripping job done.

What Chemicals to Avoid and Why?

Other than methylene chloride, it’s important to be on the lookout for a number of chemicals in a paint remover, including toluene, methanol, ethanol, mineral spirit, and acetone. These solvents are flammable, and may cause serious harm to you. The organic solvents may damage your eyes, skin, respiratory tracts, and nervous system. Due to the irritant effect and toxicity potency, the chemicals needs special handling and should be kept away from children.

What Chemical Option and Form is Safer?

Research shows that caustic soda is among the safest stripping chemicals to use. Premium Door Stripping employs the use of caustic soda in the paint removal services. The paint stripping services employed considers two tank options; hot and cold caustic soda. The caustic soda can remove paint from metallic and wood finishes. In addition to this, caustic soda causes no harm to you, and is safe to handle. The form of the stripper has a role to play when considering the safety of using the chemical. When comparing the liquid and paste forms, the latter is less hazardous than the former. This means there is less danger in using the caustic soda as it is in paste form.


Overall, your safety is a priority when buying a paint remover or hiring a stripping service firm. The company that you consider need to guarantee the safety of using the product. The bottom line is that you should avoid toxic chemicals. You should consult Premium Door Stripping for the safest paint removers.

Best Varnish Remover for Wood

varnish remover

Before you do a refinish of your furniture, you require an effective chemical stripping agent to help you remove the varnish. In choosing a varnish remover, the effectiveness of the stripper is an important consideration. You have to choose a chemical stripper that is quick and safe to use. It’s important to first verify if the said stripper is actually a varnish remover. This article takes you through the various options of varnish remover and how to settle on the best.

What should you consider in a Varnish Remover?

First, you have to consider the potency of the varnish remover. Strong paint strippers have an upper hand in removing thicker finishes. Secondly, you should go for a chemical stripper that is safer to use. Even though most strippers are flammable, it’s important to go for the one that has fewer dangers. Additionally, you should consider the price of the strippers. The price should coincide with the effectiveness of the stripper. Lastly, you should consider the form of the stripper. Most-effective varnish removers come in liquid and semi-paste form.

What are the Best Varnish Removers?

Before buying the varnish stripper, it’s crucial to ascertain that your furniture finish is varnish. If it’s not varnish, then there is no need for the chemical stripper as you can use ordinary caustic chemicals. To check for varnish, you should look at the finish closely. Varnish is heavy and mostly, amber colour. You can also identify brush stroke on the wood finish and these are normally absent in thin finishes. The following groups of chemical strippers are the best for varnish removal:

  1. Methylene Chloride Agents: These stripping chemicals are regarded as the strongest. The strippers are effective against heavy varnish coats. Varnish strippers of this category also contain other components such as caustic to neutralise their strong adverse effects. Methylene Chloride irritates the skin and the eyes. It’s recommended to wear safety gears such as the goggle’s and gloves when working with these varnish strippers.
  1. N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) Strippers: Due to the health concerns linked to methylene chloride strippers, some manufacturers substitute methylene chloride with NMP. NMP is considered less toxic and safer to use. Even though the chemical strippers are not as strong as Methylene chloride, the stripping effects are fair. There are situations where the chemical strippers would contain portions of potent stripping chemicals such as methanol, ketone, and toluene. The agents are known to cling finely to vertical wood surfaces, thus effective in varnish removing. Maybe the only concern is that the chemicals are flammable.
  1. Biochemical Strippers: These are the safest strippers to use mainly because they are of plant origin. Important chemicals in these strippers include citric acid (from lemon or oranges), terpene (from pine), and lactic acid (from pulp). The advantages of these strippers are:


  •  They are eco-friendly, thus safe
  • Odourless when using, thus flexible

Overall, the varnish removers are important if you want to do a refinish. Getting the right stripper is vital if you want to achieve the best results. With an effective stripper, you get value for your money as you also enjoy great varnish removal.