Benefits of Professional Paint Stripping Services

Professional Home Paint Stripping

Introduction to professional paint stripping.

What are the benefits of professional paint stripping services rather than stripping the paint yourself?

There are different methods and substances which work best for different surfaces, and a professional paint stripper will know these, and will use the best technique or material for the job. Some doors are special, and need special care when stripping and repainting. Hardwood doors may be done using a caustic stripper, while solvent stripper may be used on other types of doors. A professional paint stripper will be able to advise and ensure that you get the right solution for your doors.

Premium Doors tend to follow a process of dipping the doors in a tank of caustic and pressure washing them, optionally neutralising them, drying and then sanding them, before offering an oiling or waxing service and any repairs to complete the process. This can be done in a day, with collection and delivery, making restoring your doors rapid and stress-free.


Safety is an important consideration. Using chemicals for paint stripping can be hazardous to you if you do the job yourself, and chemicals can stain carpets, floors, furniture or anything surrounding the paint stripping area, but done professionally, there isn’t that risk. With lead-based paint, there is extra safety risk. A professional such as those at Premium Door Stripping will do the job quickly and cleanly, and take away any worries about safety as they are experts on the subject.

If the job is done for you by professional paint stripping services, it saves your time for other projects and eliminates mess. It can prevent stress, inconvenience and prolonged disruptions to your routine that blocked doorways, mess and chemicals can cause, and it means that the job is done fast, with minimal disruption to your other work.

The quality of the finished product.

Having the paint stripped professionally leaves a smooth clean finish, with none of those horrible patches or chisel marks that a DIY job may produce, especially on surfaces with layers of paint. This means that the surface or door is ready to repaint, and once repainted or coated, will not show any reminders of the previous paint or coating, nor any paint stripper or chisel marks. It is ideal for high quality doors.

In summary.

The advantage of using professional paint stripping services for your doors is the expertise, planning, safety and speed in doing the work and a perfect finish, plus expert advice on after-care.

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