The Many Dangers of Paint Stripping

When you want to remove old paint without damaging underlying wood, the most common solution you will find is paint stripping. This is a method that also comes with a downside because it relies on dangerous chemicals to remove the paint.

dangers paint stripping

You will find many paint removers that are tagged “safe” but from experience you will discover they pose the same risks as any other paint remover, so when you make a purchase, consider this and be careful while handling a paint remover. To help you see how dangerous paint removers can be, here are common dangers you should be aware of.

Respiratory problems

Paint removers use solvents to remove the paint from its surface, and most of the solvents included are toxic chemicals that are hostile to the skin. Solvents can irritate sensitive membranes in your nasal passage, which could lead to respiratory problems. Exposure to the solvents might also affect the throat to varying degrees. You need to consider solvent concentrations to know whether the one you will buy will pose a threat to your skin and respiratory system. Prolonged exposure may damage tissues.

Skin disease

It’s proven that all solvents irritate your skin and can cause skin disease. The solvent dissolves the natural protective oil barrier of the skin and this makes the skin exposed to direct contact with the chemicals. Once your skin is exposed to the solvent, it dries and starts to crack.

Fire hazards

Many solvents are also fire hazards. They possess fire causing potential and are therefore classified as “extremely flammable”, “combustible”, or “flammable”. Those under the extremely flammable category are able to burst in flames even at temperatures below 20 F, so a little spark could be a huge risk if the solvent is stored in the house. To reduce the risk, go for the least flammable variety.

Solvents can damage internal organs

When absorbed through the skin, paint stripping solvents will end in different internal organs. The damage that is caused to the skin can be said to contribute greatly to the exposure of other internal organs as it allows greater penetration. Chronic exposure to solvents is likely to damage the liver or kidneys. These are organs that take part in the detoxification of the body and when they are damaged you are put at a great risk, so while handling solvents you should keep this in mind. Some solvents are also able to cause heart damage. For professional paint stripping services, speak to us at Premium Doors on 07481 171 243 or email

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