The Most Expensive Wooden Furniture On the Market

The Most Expensive Wooden Furniture On the MarketWhen it comes to wooden furniture, not all designs are created equally. There are certain materials which are extremely expensive and in order to appreciate their presence on the market, let us take a look at some of the most costly (and elegant) examples that are currently available.

Purple Heart Wood

As the name suggests, one of the reasons why this wood is so expensive arises from its natural purple hue. It is also difficult to source; growing in hard-to-access regions such as the Amazon. This wood is also notoriously hard; leading to increased labour costs during production.


While sandalwood is rather common, it is highly valued due to its natural aroma as well as certain medicinal benefits. It is said that the scent of sandalwood can last for decades if treated properly. Thus, is makes sense that this type of furniture is priced quite high.

African Blackwood

One of the most interesting facts associated with this type of wood is that it is used to make a variety of musical instruments such as the oboe and the clarinet. Its near-black colour also adds to a unique aesthetic appeal. African Blackwood is rather scarce and when used to make furniture, it can be quite expensive.

Ebony Wood

Believe it or not, ebony wood can cost as much as £9,000 pounds per kilogram. It exhibits a pure black colour and due to its density, ebony wood is one of the only woods that will sink when placed in water. It exhibits a very rich grain and due to a superior sense of durability, this wood is often used to make the black pieces found on a chessboard. While not entirely rare, the supplies are limited.

Pink Ivorywood

Found within specific regions of Africa, this is a final wood associated with extremely expensive pieces of furniture. It offers a deep pink hue and it is extremely hard. Notwithstanding furniture applications, Pink Ivorywood is also used to manufacture high-end billiard cues.

While you are not likely to encounter any of these species within your home, it is still a wise idea to expose the natural wood associated with doors and windows to increase their organic appeal. If you would like to know what might exist underneath countless layers of paint, please utilise our door stripping services. You might be surprised to learn what is present!

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