Asbestos and Paint Stripping

Asbestos Hiko Photography

How paint stripping on asbestos surfaces works

Asbestos Hiko Photography

Asbestos is deadly. Till the 1970s, it was regarded as a wonder material due to its fireproof properties. It was a popular choice for insulation material, roofs, and ceilings. Prior to 1984, it was used in popcorn ceilings and artex (that hideous swirl pattern you see on walls, which was exotic for a time). In the UK, there are 5,000 deaths a year from mesothelioma, caused by its exposure.

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A Licence to Strip Paint

Dreamworld Entrance

Queensland Federal Government to implement safety measures for amusement parks, which include paint stripping and safety work

Dreamworld Entrance

An industrial manslaughter law is set to be introduced by the Queensland Federal Government. There will be emphasis on improving safety at amusement parks, following a tragedy at the Dreamworld amusement park last year. Therefore, owners of amusement parks will be compelled to undertake safety work, including paint stripping.

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Speedheater Cobra: for Wood Stripping Tool?

Is the Speedheater Cobra a game changer for chemical-free wood stripping?

Speedheater Cobra post image by Padmayogini (via Shutterstock).
A beautifully stripped row of houses in Whitstable, Kent. A job within the capabilities of the Speedheater Cobra? Image by Padmayogini (via Shutterstock).

On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, there is one tool that has taken the wood stripping world by storm. So much so that it has been flying off the shelves. Eco-Strip’s Speedheater Cobra is that very tool. The electric paint stripper offers a non-toxic method of wood stripping. It can strip off lead paint without the fumes.

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Paint Stripper and Vehicle Vandalism

Premium Doors and Furniture looks at why paint stripper is commonly used to vandalise cars

Paint stripper car image by Slippazz (via Shutterstock).
Stripped to the chrome: a paint stripped car which has clearly seen better days. Image by Slippazz (via Shutterstock).

Besides water and pigeon faeces, there is one agent that wreaks havoc on your vehicle. It is the stuff we use for our doors and windows. That of paint stripper. In the last year or so, we at Premium Doors and Furniture have noticed how many cars have been vandalised. When used in the right hands, paint stripping chemicals can be used to change the paintwork of your vehicle. By vandals, it is used to spoil the paintwork of vehicles they may target.

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