Paint Stripper and Vehicle Vandalism

Premium Doors and Furniture looks at why paint stripper is commonly used to vandalise cars

Paint stripper car image by Slippazz (via Shutterstock).
Stripped to the chrome: a paint stripped car which has clearly seen better days. Image by Slippazz (via Shutterstock).

Besides water and pigeon faeces, there is one agent that wreaks havoc on your vehicle. It is the stuff we use for our doors and windows. That of paint stripper. In the last year or so, we at Premium Doors and Furniture have noticed how many cars have been vandalised. When used in the right hands, paint stripping chemicals can be used to change the paintwork of your vehicle. By vandals, it is used to spoil the paintwork of vehicles they may target.

Why would vandals use paint stripper to ruin cars?

Jealousy and spite are main factors. They might envy the person’s car that much, they decide to strip its paintwork. The vehicle they target may be part of a domestic dispute. He or she might deface the car because of relationship issues; or as a form of revenge for a previous incident.

Or it could be plain old vandalism because, for example, they earn less than the person who leaves a prestige car on their driveway. Besides individual cars, some might target whole garages or car hire depots.

Why is paint stripper such a pain for motorists? Copious amounts of the chemical can write off your vehicle. Our opinions on people, who use paint stripper for wrecking vehicles, are too profane for publication on our blog.

How to avoid the perils of paint stripper on your prize Peugeot

We at Premium Doors and Furniture prefer to use paint stripper for restoring your furniture. Sadly, we do not sell cars nor offer car care tips. The most obvious thing to do is to keep your car in a garage. That is if you have access to one.

Premium Doors and Furniture, 09 August 2017.

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