5 Advantages of Having Your Wooden Furniture Stripped

Are you thinking about stripping your wooden furniture back down to its original finish?5 Advantages of Having Your Wooden Furniture Stripped

If so, there are a number of advantages that you can expect to enjoy. Let us examine five of the most noticeable effects that this choice will have.

Embracing its Natural Beauty

Nothing beats the natural beauty and allure of wood. As opposed to keeping this material hidden by layers of paint or stain, why not employ a professional furniture or door dipping service so that its appeal is allowed to shine through?

Increasing its Value

Many individuals are unaware that painting certain pieces of furniture will actually lower their inherent value. This is particularly the case with older items. Stripping paints and stains are great ways to increase the price of your furniture.

A Warm and Organic Flavour

Natural wood has always been associated with warm and inviting tones. Whether referring to walnut, maple or mahogany, this observation is just as relevant.

This is also the reason why wooden furniture enjoys a prominent status within many contemporary homes. The natural allure of wood can hardly be matched by paints or stains.

Restoration Projects

There can also be times when you need to restore an older wooden item to its former glory (Victorian furniture and ornate doors are two common examples). While the project itself can become quite involved, it is well worth the effort when the end results are finally seen.

Wooden furniture is often stripped before it is sold to collectors, as this process ensures that the items truly reflect their time period.

Matching Accessories Within the Room

Interior designers will often cite the fact that coordination is important within any room in order to achieve a balanced visual appeal. This is another reason why stripping paint and varnishes is a great tactic to employ.

If you happen to own crown moulding or chair rails that have not been painted in the past, it could be a good idea to consider stripping additional items.

These are five undeniable advantages associated with professional furniture stripping services. Should you have any additional questions or if you are looking to leverage the expertise of professionals, please contact Premium Door Stripping to learn more about how we can help.

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