How to Remove Stubborn Mould from Wooden Furniture

While the organic nature of wooden furniture is undoubtedly appealing, it is an unfortunate fact that these porous surfaces can often develop mould (particularly within relatively moist environments).How to Remove Stubborn Mould from Wooden Furniture

Mould can negatively affect delicate wood over time and if left untreated, it may irreparably damage the furniture item in question.

This is why knowing some common removal tips and tricks is essential. What do the professionals have to say?

Preparatory Steps

Always be sure to wear gloves and a face mask, as the spores associated with some types of mould have been associated with health issues. Also, it is a good idea to clean the furniture outdoors.

This will help to prevent mould spores that might become airborne affecting other nearby furniture.

This also arises from the fact that some common cleaning agents such as bleach can emit harmful fumes.

Thus, it only stands to reason that companies which provide premium door stripping in Southampton will take these very same steps.

The Cleaning Process

While there are times when mould can be effectively removed with a scrubbing brush and a solution of detergent and warm water, some species can be rather stubborn.

In such instances, it is best to employ white vinegar. Place the vinegar within a spray bottle, soak the affected surfaces and wait one hour.

Then, wipe these areas with a damp cloth. This process can be repeated if necessary.

In the case of extremely stubborn mould, you can also choose to employ a solution of common household bleach, detergent and water. Here are the recommended measurements:

  • 1.2 litres of water
  • 591 millilitres of bleach
  • 59 millilitres of detergent

This solution can be applied using a scrubbing brush. Be sure to avoid areas such as coloured fabrics that may be affected by the presence of bleach.

Calling the Professionals

While all of the methods mentioned above can be quite effective, there may still be times when you require the services of a professional.

If you are unsure where to begin or should you be concerned about damaging antique wood, please make it a point to contact Premium Door Stripping. Our team of experts will be more than happy to provide a timely and targeted solution.

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