6 Pro Tips For Painting Your Home Interior

Most of us have an idea of how to prepare for and paint our house interiors. 6 Pro Tips For Painting Your Home Interior

While it seems an easy task, having a perfect outcome needs professionalism. Below we have prepared pro tips to make your work easier, work like a pro and have a more attractive result.

1. Have the Right Requirements

Before doing anything, you must ensure you need everything the job needs. Choose the colours you want, sandpaper for scraping, a drop cloth, premium door stripping to strip paint off the door and all other requirements. Having everything helps your work go smoothly.

2. Prepare the Surface

The surfaces on which you are to paint need preparation for a perfect finish. Scrape off the old paint, patch and feel up the holes and dents on the walls. Even though it is the least interesting part of the job, it is imperative. Apply premium stripping in removing varnish from wood.

3. Prime the Surfaces

Applying a primer to new walls or dark painted surfaces before painting is as important as the paint itself. It improves paint adhesion while preventing stains from passing through. To hide the primes wall, tint the primer nearer to the finished colour.

4. Use Canvas Drop Cloths

While using plastic drop cloths is a cheaper option, going for canvas drop cloths is advisable. It lasts over a lifetime, and unlike plastic, it absorbs the dropped paint. They are easily folded and can fit around doors and corners.

5. Use Paint Grid and Extension Pole

Instead of going for a ladder use extension poles for your roller. Look for one with good grip. Metal threaded ends are a sure advantage. Use a paint grid to deal with excess paint from the roller. It is easy and neat

6. Don’t Wash Your brushes or Rollers

If you don’t finish the job in a day avoid washing the brushes for overnight storage. Wrap them up in plastic bags or tin foil and put them in a refrigerator. It prevents the paint from drying up. Let them warm up for around thirty minutes before using them the following day.

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