A Day in The Life of a Wooden Furniture Restoration Specialist

The organic beauty of wooden furniture cannot be denied. Some pieces have existed for hundreds of years and if cared for properly, they will never lose their aesthetic lustre.A Day in The Life of a Wooden Furniture Restoration Specialist

Still, this very same furniture can suffer from wear and tear; leading to damage and similar issues. There are also times when pristine wood has been masked by layers of paint that were applied in the past.

This is when the talents of a professional wooden furniture restoration specialist can be leveraged. What are some of the tasks which this expert performs on a daily basis?

Preparatory Steps

Preparation is always important in order to ensure future success. Some common steps involve sanding down any rough edges, removing any hardware that needs to be replaced and thoroughly cleaning the piece of furniture in question. This is arguably the most critical stage, as all subsequent results will depend upon such efforts.

Exposing the Surface of the Wood

There are many times when a restoration professional will be required to expose the original underlying wood. This can be quite challenging, as years of paint, lacquer or stains may be present.

This is why these specialists are also experts at stripping techniques. They will use a variety of tools to uncover the original surface without causing any damage to the natural wood.

Fashioning/Replicating Replacement Parts

It could be necessary to obtain and/or clean furniture accessories. These can include bolts, corner protectors and any associated upholstery. There are instances when such efforts can be completed by utilising in-house techniques although it is not uncommon to source these parts from a third party (this is often the case when dealing with speciality antique items).

Evaluating and Reevaluating

The ultimate goal is to restore a piece of furniture to its original appearance. This is why restoration technicians are considered to be true artisans within their craft.

A delicate eye for detail is required and there is simply no substitute for patience. After all, even the smallest of deviations will have a massive impact upon the final result.

It can be very difficult to properly restore wooden furniture. This is why the team at Premium door Stripping will often be called when more challenging tasks need to be tackled.

If you are looking for nothing less than the best, please give us a call to learn more about our services.

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