What Tools Are Used for Stripping Paint From Doors

There are many times when you might wish to restore a door to its former glory. This is often the case when referring to antiques or if you happen to own a door that has been crafted from fine woods such as oak or mahogany.

What Tools Are Used for Stripping Paint From Doors

Paint stripping is a common technique and if performed properly, you will be amazed at the subsequent results. Still, the efficacy of such a task requires that you use the correct paint removal tools.

Let us take a look at some of the accessories that are normally involved as well as their unique purposes.

Heating Elements

Many individuals will be surprised to learn that heat can represent a very effective way to remove paint from a door. The associated infrared rays will help to loosen the chemical bonds within the paint; enabling it to be removed with relative ease.

This is often the preferred option if there are numerous layers present. Many hand-held systems are specifically designed for such a purpose.

Mechanical Scrapers

Technicians will likewise employ metallic scrapers. These come in all shapes and sizes, so they are able to address issues such as crevasses and detailed finish work.

One common instrument is known as a “five-in-one”, as it offers a number of different surfaces and edges within a single tool. Mechanical scrapers will frequently be used for rough removals before more detailed procedures are undertaken.

Electrical Sanders

Hand-held sanders can also come in handy, as they are able to smooth down any rough surfaces while removing excess paint that might be too resistant to normal scraping techniques.

Circular and belt-driven sanders are two common configurations and the sandpaper is available in numerous grits (depending upon the task at hand).

The Proper Respiration Equipment

This lesser-known concern should never be glossed over. It is always important to wear the appropriate breathing apparatus. Older doors and surfaces may contain lead paint.

This particulate matter can be dangerous if inhaled. Common 3M masks and more robust respirators can provide you with an ample amount of protection.

Removing paint from doors can sometimes be quite challenging. If you are concerned about damaging the underlying surface or if you hope to employ professionals to complete this task within a timely fashion, be sure to contact Premium Door Stripping. A customer service representative will always be standing by.

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