A List of Tools for Door Stripping and Their Purpose

Removing paint from a door or a window frame requires skill and experience. However, using the right tools for the task at hand is just as important. What are some items that should always be close by when tackling any type of stripping project?A List of Tools for Door Stripping and Their Purpose

Standard Pain Scrapers

These small tools are comprised of a short blade and a flat handle. They can be manipulated by hand in order to remove layers of paint from a standard surface.

A Wire Brush

This is often used when performing work on exterior surfaces. The somewhat flexible nature of the metal wires is also ideal when you need to get into tight spaces. However, wire brushes are rarely used when performing any type of finishing work.

Electrical Sanders

Belt and cylindrical sanders can be used to tackle challenging projects that might not be suited for manual removal techniques. The sandpaper can be purchased in a number of different grits depending upon the type of paint that needs to be removed. This is often one of the most important tools used by a professional door stripping service.

Heat Guns

A heat gun will often be used in conjunction with a scraper when removing paint. This often comes in very handy if you happen to be dealing with a delicate underlying surface, as the heat is capable of loosening the paint.

Power Washers

A power washer consists of a machine that emits a highly pressurised stream of water. This water can then ablate paint from the surfaces of outside objects such as decks and lawn furniture. Power washers are equipped with tips that provide various openings so that the stream of water can be adjusted to the appropriate angle.

These are some of the best “tools of the trade” to possess if you plan on removing paint from a surface. When combined with other materials such as the best varnish removers on the market, there is no doubt that even challenging projects can be quickly completed.

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