Caustic Or Solvent Stripping?

Caustic Or Solvent Stripping_Best Solution for stripping tired paintwork

With house prices in the UK constantly rising it is difficult for countless people to buy a house decorated in the style that meets their full requirements. A beneficial option is to buy a cheaper house that requires renovating. This option makes it possible to create that perfect house.

The downside to this option is that depending on the house there could be a substantial amount of work that could take a quantity of time.

One of the greatest time-consuming jobs with this option is the removing of the timeworn wallpaper and paint.

Skirting boards, fireplaces, built-in furniture, Radiators, wooden shutters, and Doors are all desirable Architectural features that lots of people love to keep as they help to define the character of the property.

However, the majority of these will potentially have numerous layers of paint. Preparation is the key to effective decorating. Simply painting over critically damaged paint will normally provide unsatisfactory results.

The solution is to strip all the existing paint. Once the removal of the paint is complete options are available to create the desired finish. Wooden doors especially often have beautiful wood grain that waxing, polishing, or staining will enhance.

How to remove old paint

For painted surfaces, there are a range of solvent and caustic based products available. Sanding and heat are also a useful option if there are not too numerous layers of paint.

Solvent-Based Paint Stripping

Solvent-based paint removers affect the bond between the painted object and the paint. Once disrupted the paint swells and lifts from the surface allowing the removal of the material without damaging the original surface.

Caustic Soda Paint Stripping

Caustic paint strippers contain different chemicals that remove the paint differently. The chemicals react to the oily ingredients in the paint and break it down allowing its removal.

What Type of Paint Stripper to Use?

The best product to use depends on the surface and the type of paint used on the surface.

  • Solvent-based removers are generally better at removing various layers of thick paint. They usually leave a respectable clean surface without any stains or damage.
  • Caustic soda paint stripping products are particularly useful at removing paint from areas that have detailing or moulding, but they can occasionally stain or mark the wood.


Some disadvantages are worth considering before using either of these products.

  • Since they are dangerous to use extreme care to ensure that there is minimum skin contact is important.
  • Both products are extremely messy to use. The complete process, especially if there is a large area can demand a considerable amount of time.
  • Both products are expensive to use over large areas.

Other options

An option that is certainly worthwhile considering is the use of a professional company such as Premium Door Stripping. Based in Berkshire their service covers the majority of South West England. This company has a team of trained professionals that offer a high-quality stripping service to meet your requirements.

Consider these benefits before deciding to tackle the task yourself.

  • Hassle-free service.
  • No Mess.
  • Quicker than doing it yourself.
  • Considering time and products this service is often a cheaper option.
  • Collection and delivery service.

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