How To Weatherproof Vintage Leaky Wooden Doors

How To Weatherproof Vintage Leaky Wooden DoorsWhile there is no doubt that vintage doors are known for their character as well as their unique aesthetic beauty, they can also become victims to the elements if not properly maintained.

This is why the concept of weatherproofing is important. What are some basics steps to take so that your door will be protected from the outside weather?

Insulation and Caulking

You will first need to remove the trim around the top and sides of the door frame. Purchase a can of spray foam.

Insert the nozzle into any visible gaps and fill them with the foam. As this foam expands, some may have to be shaved away before reattaching the peripheral trim.

You may also wish to caulk the sides of the trim in place (on both the interior and exterior sides). Be sure that this caulk is designed for exterior use. If you notice any cracks on the surface of the door (such as within the inlays), these can also be caulked.

In the event that the door is bare wood, try to encounter a caulking agent that closely matches the original colour and be sure to wipe away any excess before it dries.

Replacing Weatherstripping

In the event that old weatherstripping is present, pry it away with a screwdriver or cut it away with a utility knife.

Replace this weatherstripping with a more recent version; cutting each section to the appropriate length before tacking it to the door frame.

Before these strips are permanently in place, close the door to ensure a tight fit and that no areas are overlapping.

Door Sweeps

Some exterior doors have sweep that is found along the bottom portion. If you notice that the sweep has become damaged, it can simply be removed and replaced. However, you may need to drill new holes in order to keep it firmly in place.

For more maintenance advice or to learn about options when restoring the finish of antique doors, please take a few moments to contact Premium Door Stripping. You will be amazed with the options at your disposal.

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