Common Paint Stripping Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Common Paint Stripping MistakesThe simplest way of rejuvenating a tired surface is by putting a fresh coat of paint. However, all new paint eventually becomes old paint. Whether it’ll crack and blister or form an even blanket of pigments and binders, it’ll need to be removed using the right method. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when paint stripping:

– Not Using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

You should never strip paint on a house without using the necessary PPE. You can end up getting something toxic under your skin, down your throat or in your eyes, which can be harmful to your health. You should wear clear wraparound safety glasses for guarding against flying debris, dust and splashes. Wear a long-sleeve shirt and an old trouser or disposable coveralls to protect your skin.

If you are using chemical strippers, you should wear black butyl or green nitrile rubber gloves. For an indoor job with paint strippers, use a respirator that has a chemical cartridge. Additionally, put on disposable booties and contain dirt as well as dust by taking them off when you leaving the work area.

– Aggressive Scraping

One of the ways of paint stripping is using a quality scraper. However, that does not mean approaching the task with unnecessary aggression as this can end up damaging the materials beneath. It is largely inevitable that you’re going to need a scraper to use at some point, but that does not mean that you have to be overly excited and take things too far with the vicious hacking.

– Mixing Chemicals

Another mistake that you should never make around your house is mixing any quantities of two chemicals together because it’s the perfect recipe method of releasing toxic gases and vapours that can be dangerous and life-threatening. Even if the 2 chemicals in questions appear to be safe and familiar to you, this doesn’t mean that they won’t react catastrophically when you combine them.

-The Wrong Sandpaper

When you are stripping paint and using the wrong sandpaper, it can result in one of the following outcomes:

• If the grain happens to be too coarse, it can end up damaging the materials beneath.
• If the grain you are using is too fine, it will not work, or it will make your job more difficult than it’s supposed to be.

Therefore, instead of just randomly choosing any sandpaper, you should know what you need before using it.

– Not Asking the Experts

Given the fact that paint stripping can be a difficult, time-consuming and even a dangerous job, it is always advisable that you talk to professionals before going ahead. The reason for this is that a team of professionals will get the paint stripping job done quicker, better and even more safely than you. Moreover, the fact that you will not have to buy any personal protective equipment or tools for paint stripping means that you will end up saving money in the process. Furthermore, since the quotations are always available 100 per cent free of charge, there is really no reason why you should not find out.

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