How to Quickly and Effectively Clean Wooden Furniture

How to Quickly and Effectively Clean Wooden FurnitureWooden furniture offers a bespoke and organic appeal that would not be possible with other materials such as composites or metals. However, there is a slight trade-off here. Wood can become stained, worn or otherwise dirty over time. If not cleaned properly, even the most attractive piece of furniture will soon lose its visual lustre. What steps can be taken to tackle even the most challenging issues and are there any expert tips to follow during the process? If you hope to restore your furniture to its former glory, this article will come in quite handy.

Basic Preparation and Cleaning

Before the physical cleaning process begins, you will always need to remove any surface dust and debris. Use a standard vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment to take care of any outwardly visible materials. Then, procure a damp cloth and a bucket of warm water. While soap can be added, many professionals recommend that you add a small amount of white vinegar (approximately one cup for every two gallons of water). The vinegar will help to remove any ground-in dirt or stains while not negatively affecting the wood. However, be conservative with the amount of water utilised. Too much can result in pooling and discolourations.

Removing Old Paint

One of the problems associated with very old furniture and doors is that they may be coated with a number of paint layers. Not only does this often mask the beauty of the piece, but it can also hide intricate details such as hand-carved decorative elements. Removing this paint can be very challenging if you hope to avoid damaging the underlying wood. This is when utilising the services provided by Premium Door Stripping can prove to represent an invaluable option. These experts can address many items such as doors, furniture, fireplaces, window sashes, and benches. Jobs will be completed in a timely fashion and the associated prices are quite reasonable.

When to Leave it to the Professionals

There are intances when cleaning furniture can be accomplished with nothing more than a bit of elbow grease. However, older pieces and those coated with paint can be very difficult to address. If you are worried that you might damage the wood underneath, it is always best to consult with industry experts. They will be able to quickly determine the course of action and your beautiful furniture can be completely transformed in no time at all.

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