How To Paint Wooden Window Frames Inside

Furniture looks great when it’s freshly painted. But, most people don’t think about painting the inside of their window frames. This is a mistake! When you paint the inside of your window frames, they will look new and fresh for years to come.
How To Paint Wooden Window Frames Inside

Stripping off the Wooden Windows

Before the process of painting your wooden window frames, you need to remove the old paint and caulk. If you don’t strip off all of the old materials, your new coat will peel right off after a few weeks or months.

There are many methods for paint stripping. The easiest is to use a heat gun that works on low heat. This will melt the paint and then you can scrape it away with a putty knife. If you are not comfortable with this process, there are many paint stripping specialists such as Premium Door Stripping who will do the work for you at the highest quality.

Clean and Prepare

Once you have stripped all of the paint away, it is time to clean and prepare your window frames for painting. You can use a powerful cleaner or mineral spirits mixed with water in a spray bottle to get rid of any residue leftover from the stripping process.

After this, sand down each individual frame thoroughly so no rough spots remain on them as this would cause the paint to chip later on down the line. The sanding process doesn’t need to be too fine, just enough to get a smooth surface.

Other preparation methods may include filling any holes or cracks in the wood with filler to prevent an uneven finish.

Determine Which Type of Paint To Use

There are many types of paint to choose from when painting a wooden window frame available in a range of finishes, colours and effects.

Today, professional painters are using a wide range of paints for various purposes. Some are best suited to interior jobs while others are more durable and made for external surfaces.

The type you choose will depend on your requirements as well as the quality of paint desired by how much effort is needed in its application etc.

Painting the First Coat

Before any painting, apply masking tape around the edges window frame to prevent paint from seeping onto the glass.

Once you have determined the colour of paint to be used, apply with a small brush to get into the corners of panes, along with around any hardware and achieve a smooth, even finish.

Stroke the brush in a horizontal direction, following the direction of the grain of the wood.

After allowing sufficient time for it to dry, remove the tape and apply a second coat of paint. This should be applied in vertical strokes following the grain again.

Once the first coat of paint has dried, simply repeat the process with a second coat.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best way to paint wooden window frames on the inside, we hope this blog post has helped. Our first suggestion is always to strip down any old existing paint so that your new coat of paint stands out and lasts longer!

We recommend Premium Door Stripping because they offer high-quality service at an affordable price. Call them today if you need help stripping a door or painting windows in your home!

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