Wood Treatments To Consider For Swelling Doors Due To Humidity

Most doors are made using wood, and this makes them more susceptible to damage. One of the causes of damage to doors is humidity.Wood Treatments To Consider For Swelling Doors Due To Humidity

High humidity causes wooden doors to swell since wood absorbs moisture from the air, which leads to swelling.

This swelling means that the door has to be repaired and painted afresh. Caustic soda paint remover is a chemical paint stripper used to remove old paint to apply new paint. It, therefore, ensures that no damage is caused to the wood.

To tackle the problem of swollen doors, various approaches or treatments that can be used which include;

Sanding entails polishing or smoothing the surface of the door using sandpaper. In other cases, sand can also be used. It is mostly done before painting the doors.

If the door is already painted and gets swollen, a chemical wood stripper is used to carefully remove the paint without causing any damage to the wooden door.

Sanding helps in closing any pore on the wood which ensures that whenever humidity is high, no moisture penetrates the wood.

1. Using a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a gadget that helps in reducing and maintaining humidity levels. It helps in absorbing moisture, thus preventing the door from taking in dampness.

A dehumidifier consumes a small amount of energy; hence it is effective and efficient. When using the dehumidifier, it is always essential to ensure that all doors and windows are closed.

2. Applying sealer

Sealers protect the wood from any destruction, and this provides a protective layer to the wood. It is applied to different parts of the door. All edges and faces should be used with the sealer, with a greater focus on the vertices.

The sealer is applied thoroughly to ensure that it brings out about three-layer coatings. It protects the door from getting damaged.

3. Using a heat gun

A heat gun is used to dry out moisture. In case there is air in wood, the device is used to get it out. When the gun is placed on a swollen door, the wood’s wetness gets out, leaving the door in a good condition.


It is paramount to be keen on the various preventive measures to keep the doors in good condition. These treatments ultimately reduce the risk of incurring unwanted losses.

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