How to Repair a Dent in a Wooden Door

Having a broken or damaged door increases the insecurity levels in your premise. A homeowner must ensure that the doors are repaired and the functionality reinstated.How to Repair a Dent in a Wooden Door

If you are reading this, there are chances that your wooden door has a dent. Worry no more! The information discussed here aims to educate you on the most viable ways to repair a dent in your wooden door.

Choose Wood Filler

A homeowner must find the right wood filler for the task. The suitable material should match the wooden door and give you that naturally perfect finish.

Depending on the extent of the dent, one can purchase the vinyl sparkling compound, solvent-based wood filler or epoxy wood filler.

One can use Vinyl for light woodwork repair and epoxy wood filler for the extensive dents. Companies like Premium Door Stripping offer comprehensive coverage on the ideal wood fillers to choose.

Fill in and Smooth the Filler

It would be best if you began by mixing the wood fillers with water or suitable hardeners. Once ready, you can apply the substance onto dry wood.

Applying on wet wood exposes the filling to moisture hence altering the quality; it is more susceptible to failure.

For the large dents, one should use a putty knife while the smaller ones require your finger. Stainable fillers are indispensable if one intends to stain the wooden door after that.

Let Dry and Sand the Area

Depending on the dented area, one can use fine sandpaper of the 120-grit paper. The sanding process ensures that there’s no residue after drying. Using epoxy fillers requires that you use a file.

You should sand by hand so that no depression forms on the filled area; the uniformity should be your focus point.

When sanding, one should do so in the same direction as the wood’s grain so that you avoid getting scratches on the finished product. A homeowner can choose to clean wood after paint stripping for perfect results.


Wood filler is a versatile substance used to repair scratches, chips and dents on wooden items. It works efficiently in restoring the elegance and functionality of the door.

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