Non Toxic Paint Stripping Alternatives

A look at non toxic paint stripping solutions

Non Toxic Paint Stripping image by JPC-PROD (via Shutterstock).
If life gives you lemons, baking soda is a good non toxic paint stripper for stripping away paint off steel surfaces. For example, Crittall window frames. Image by JPC-PROD (via Shutterstock).

For the time being at least, the United Kingdom is a Methylene Chloride free zone as far as paint stripper is concerned. Whether or not DCMs will remain a banned chemical post-Brexit remains to be seen. Apart from that, it is worthy to look at the non toxic alternatives. Today’s NitroMors formula, for example, lacks the toxic DCMs which some people say has reduced its effectiveness.

Even with non toxic paint stripping agents, you still need to keep your home or workshop well ventilated. Which is common sense of course.

Non Toxic Paint Stripper

Thankfully, DCMs have disappeared from paint stripping products within the UK and other EU Member States. The use of Methylene Chloride has side effects which can lead to dizziness or chemical burns. On these shores, NitroMors remains the main stripper of choice – even in its present form. Other suitable alternatives include Screwfix’s No-Nonsense Paint and Varnish Stripper. Which does everything it says on the tin.

Baking Soda and Boiling Water

If you are stripping paint off steel surfaces, baking soda is a good alternative. Not least the fact you can buy it in Sainsburys instead of B&Q. All you need to do is put some baking powder into a suitable container, and add boiling water to an old saucepan. Then, heat the contents for 20 minutes and start stripping away.

Soy Gel Paint Stripper

If you have an old paintbrush and know where to dispose of your stripped paint, soy gel is hailed by many as a good non toxic alternative. Some swear by it and think Soy Gel is superior to chemically-based strippers. It is suitable for furniture and doors, and is non-drip. For their paint stripping requirements, it is used by the London Underground and good for removing lead paint. One example is Tensid UK’s TAVEC 210.

One more thing…

Don’t forget to leave your working space well ventilated and wear personal protective equipment.

Premium Doors and Furniture, 05 September 2017.

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