Reasons to Use Paint Stripping Services

paint stripping services

Paint stripping revolves around the removal of paint, other finishes and tidying up the underlying surfaces. It may appear to be an expensive and complicated process, and you may be wondering if it is essential. Whether you work with paint on your own or you do it professionally, at one time you will need paint stripping.

Below are several reasons why you may require paint stripping services.

Paint is not permanent

Majority of the colours have a given lifespan, say around eight years. After this period elapses, the paint starts to degrade and peel off, which appears very unattractive. To avoid your painted surfaces from deteriorating and looking horrible, you should get them stripped and repaired early enough. Track the number of times and the time when you repaint to have a regular schedule.

Turning your house into your home

Most of the time, you paint your house to display its aesthetic value and express your tastes and preferences. It is essential to select the colour of paint yourself to depict your style hence your satisfaction and comfort is assured. It is important to strip off the previous paint entirely to end up with quality and more permanent paint.

Paint stripping should not only be done on chairs, doors, tables, walls, fence or beds but on every other household item that has a painting surface. This ensures that your taste and style comes out uniquely.

Improves your home’s safety

This is in the case where the already existing paint may contain lead. In the early 19th century most household paints mostly contained a significant amount of lead. It is a toxic metal that once breathed in could cause permanent brain damage.

You should make use of a lead testing kit to find out if your house is safe. If there is any paintwork containing lead, you should have it all stripped off and have a fresh and safer paintwork.

Stains and Blisters

The appearance and texture of paintwork transform over time. During the year when temperatures are cold and hot, paint contracts and expands. The newer varieties of paint are made to be more elastic than older ones, and so they contract and expand at a higher rate.

If you apply newer paint near an older paint, the non-uniform expanding and contracting causes swellings and blemishes. It is advisable to strip away the old paint and use a fresh paint uniformly.

Benefits of Hiring Expert Paint Stripping Services

Paint stripping services

An old ugly tarnished paint coating is an eyesore that you might want to get rid of and restore the first glory and aesthetic appeal of your home or furniture. Many people rely on their skills to renovate their walls because everybody repaints their homes anyway, right? Apparently, this results in a mediocre polish. It is not just about repainting your wall, but how perfect you want your wall done. With that high look in mind, you do not want to settle for average, and you wish the best. This time is when you hire the experts. It is incredible what professional paint stripping services can for your furniture, doors, fireplaces, cabinets and many other places.

Why hire expert paint stripping services?

First off, they are professionals, and they know best. They will do the paint stripping and painting for you while all you will do is pay and relax. Some of the benefits include;

1. Protecting your walls.

The paint stripping process could be hazardous depending on which remover you use. With several layers of paint to remove, chemicals might be the only alternative. Some of these stripping chemicals may corrode your walls if used in wrong proportions. An expert would easily tell which remover to use on your wall, the safety measures, procedure and portions to use. Better still, there might exist an alternative technology that the expert might know and use, relieving the worries of corrosion.
2. Short time is taken to do the job.

A professional takes a shorter time to do the stripping and painting compared to you. With the expertise and vast experience, the painters have more comfortable and faster ways of carrying out the task. This process would not be the same case with you, as you figure out every single thing and how it is supposed, go through the instruction manuals and much more. It saves time.

3. Great quality result.

With doubtless experience and top quality products used by professionals, your wish for that great look becomes true. They will do a thorough and precise job on your walls.

4. Guarantee warrants.

Some painting services companies offer warranty for both artistry and products used for a particular duration that could go as far as 12 months. This way you can pay for the quality services offered with peace of mind. This warrant is a great deal.

5. Professionals are better equipped.

It would be quite expensive for you to purchase all the necessary equipment for the painting process which you can skip when you hire an expert. In fact, you might not even know all the tools and end up going in rounds, to and from the market or yet do some shoddy work on your wall only because you had no idea what to use in scraping off that disturbing stain on your wall.

Professional help is always the best option.

Non Toxic Paint Stripping Alternatives

A look at non toxic paint stripping solutions

Non Toxic Paint Stripping image by JPC-PROD (via Shutterstock).
If life gives you lemons, baking soda is a good non toxic paint stripper for stripping away paint off steel surfaces. For example, Crittall window frames. Image by JPC-PROD (via Shutterstock).

For the time being at least, the United Kingdom is a Methylene Chloride free zone as far as paint stripper is concerned. Whether or not DCMs will remain a banned chemical post-Brexit remains to be seen. Apart from that, it is worthy to look at the non toxic alternatives. Today’s NitroMors formula, for example, lacks the toxic DCMs which some people say has reduced its effectiveness.

Even with non toxic paint stripping agents, you still need to keep your home or workshop well ventilated. Which is common sense of course.

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Asbestos and Paint Stripping

Asbestos Hiko Photography

How paint stripping on asbestos surfaces works

Asbestos Hiko Photography

Asbestos is deadly. Till the 1970s, it was regarded as a wonder material due to its fireproof properties. It was a popular choice for insulation material, roofs, and ceilings. Prior to 1984, it was used in popcorn ceilings and artex (that hideous swirl pattern you see on walls, which was exotic for a time). In the UK, there are 5,000 deaths a year from mesothelioma, caused by its exposure.

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