The Best Ways To Repair a Rotten Door

Due to the fact that exterior doors are engineered to deal with harsh elements, even the most robust designs can suffer from rot over time.The Best Ways to Repair a Rotten Door

How can you address this situation in order to restore your door to its former glory? Let’s look at a handful of professional suggestions.

Determine the Extent of the Rot

You will first need to determine how much of the wood has rotted away. In some cases, severe damage may require that an entire section (such as a panel or a portion of the frame should be replaced).

Assuming that you have found the extent of the damage, allow the wood to thoroughly dry before moving on.

Remove Any Loose Wood or Paint

Efficient tools for paint stripping can be used to remove any loose wood that has rotted as well as nearby paint that may no longer be supported.

Be sure to adequately deal with this debris, as a bonding agent will not properly adhere if any remains.

The Use of an Epoxy-Based Wood Filler

The most common repair involves placing a malleable wood filler into the affected area.

Try to shape it so that it mimics the natural shape of the section. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours and if you notice any shrinkage, another application could be needed.

Final Steps

When the bonding agent has dried, it can be sanded down until it is flush with the surface.

In some cases, you might also need to use a bit of caulk to fill in any remaining cracks. The affected area can then be primed and painted in order to achieve a uniform appearance.

The experts at Premium Door Stripping are always available if you require assistance or if you have additional questions, so feel free to give us a call.

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