The Best Wood Types For Outdoor Garden Furniture

The Best Wood Types For Outdoor Garden FurnitureOne of the most appealing aspects associated with wooden outdoor furniture is that each piece is inherently different. You can choose from different grains, colours and patterns. This rather personalised quality has always been a major selling point. However, you might not be aware that certain types of wood are better suited for the outdoors than others. Let’s take a quick look at three varieties that will provide years of beauty while requiring only minor upkeep.


One interesting quality of cypress is that it contains chemicals that can protect against rot and insects. It is also unique in the fact that cypress will not normally require any type of sealant (such as a weatherproof stain). So, its natural beauty will always shine through. It is still wise to apply a thin coat of transparent oil from time to time to preserve its lustre.


Cedar is a well-known option for natural wood and it is often used when constructing larger structures such as patio furniture and garden benches. The resins contained within its interior are almost completely waterproof and this wood is also very lightweight. So, moving your wooden garden furniture from one location to another will normally not present an issue.

Cedar also takes very well to most paints and stains. While not many consumers wish to paint natural cedar, it is still an important point to mention. If your house happens to contain cedar doors or windows, contact ourĀ door stripping services to restore their natural beauty.


Acacia is a final choice to keep in mind; particularly if you are concerned about environmental sustainability. This is one of the most prolific types of wood on the planet, so there are few issues in regards to deforestation. This is also the same reason why acacia has been used to construct boats since ancient times.

Acacia is a lightweight wood and it is very resilient to the elements. Similar to cedar, it can be stained or painted if desired. It is still a good idea to apply a sealant at the very minimum, as this wood has been known to discolour if exposed to moisture over time.

These are three excellent choices if you have been hoping to encounter durable wooden outdoor furniture for your garden. They are also relatively cheap when compared to other variants such as mahogany; a notable benefit if you are on a budget.

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