Paint Stripping FAQs

Paint stripping is just as much of an art form as it is a science. This technique can be used to restore the wooden surfaces of doors and other items to their former glory and it is often employed by those who wish the original designs to shine through. In order to tackle any upcoming project efficiently, it wise to address some frequently asked questions.Paint Stripping FAQs

Why is Caustic Soda Sometimes Used?

Caustic soda is a chemical that is often employed to unblock drains. However, caustic soda and paint stripping enjoy a unique relationship. This substance will cause paint to detach from the underlying surface; providing a more aggressive means to deal with stubborn tasks.

Can Mechanical Devices be Used?

Rotary and belt sanders will help to expedite the stripping process. Different grits of sandpaper can likewise be employed to address different types of paint.

These are very popular when dealing with smooth surfaces although mechanical sanders are unable to address small grooves and ornate designs.

Will I Need to Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) When Stripping Paint?

The answer will depend upon the task at hand. You should always wear a respirator and goggles when sanding paint, as the airborne particulate matter can cause health problems.

Goggles and ear protection are also recommended. If you happen to be using chemical agents, be sure to perform the task within a well-ventilated environment; preferably outdoors.

How Can I Avoid Damaging the Underlying Wood?

Sanding and scraping the surfaces by hand is the best way to ensure that you do not mar their appearance. Using a high-grit sandpaper can likewise cut down on any potential scratches or gouges.

However, there are also times when it is better to utilise commercial chemical solutions. These help to loosen and remove paint while leaving the original surface untouched.

Some stripping projects are obviously more challenging than others. If you are uncertain where to begin or should you be dealing with an extremely old item, it is always wise to contact Premium Door Stripping for further advice and professional guidance.

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