What is Neutralising and Why It is Needed

Stripping paint or varnish from a door or similar piece of furniture involves a number of steps. One of the most overlooked concerns involves the importance of what is known as a neutraliser.What is Neutralising and Why It is Needed

While it is always important to choose the best varnish remover for the requirements at hand, the subsequent presence of a neutralising agent will help to ensure that the item in question is successfully restored to its former glory. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Neutralising Agent?

Many paint and varnish strippers employ harsh chemical agents in order to remove stubborn layers.

The main issue is that these very same chemicals can actually begin to damage the wood if they are allowed to remain on the surface for extended periods of time.

This is even more relevant when referring to porous woods, as they can easily soak up such substances.

A neutraliser is essentially a chemical compound that is used to halt the action of any active ingredients found within the paint or varnish stripper. As you might have imagined, the type of neutralising agent will vary.

This depends upon the stripper that you are using. One example of a household neutraliser is acetic acid (common white vinegar).

This is often employed due to its acid content, as it can counteract the caustic nature of some paint strippers.

Why Choose a Commercial Neutraliser?

Many at-home paint stripping tasks will involve the use of chemicals such as turpentine or caustic soda. However, the most effective strippers on the market today are normally comprised of a number of chemicals (such as methylene chloride or a compound known as NMP).

It they are allowed to remain on bare wood, damage will inevitably occur. This is why commercial neutralisers have been specifically formulated to counteract their effects. Do-it-yourself solutions will simply not make the cut.

Some paint stripping projects are naturally more challenging than others; especially if you are dealing with very old or ornate items.

This is why it is prudent to contact our team and procure a premium door stripping service. You can, therefore, remain confident that stunning results are only moments away.

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